Notice of power supply unit change of Hong Kong availability zone B

[Alibaba Cloud] [Carrier] [Change Notice] 2/15/2017 22:30
Time window of the change: 2/16/2017 00:35 - 05:35
Reason of the change: Due to an abnormal power supply unit of the carrier, although everything is working fine for some clusters in Hong Kong availability zone B, but there is still a potential risk for one way power supply. In order to eliminate hidden dangers, we have coordinated the carrier to have an emergency equipment maintenance and replacement on February 16, 2017 at 00:35-05:35. Under normal conditions, this maintenance operation will not affect Alibaba Cloud business.

[Updates of the change]
2/16/2017 05:35
Change finished: The carrier has finished the equipment maintenance and replacement.

2/16/2017 00:35
Current progress: The carrier has started repairing the faulty equipment. Alibaba Cloud is cooperating with the carrier closely.

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