April Anti-DDoS Pro Upgrade Notification

Upgrade window: Anti-DDoS Pro server rooms plan to be upgraded in mid-late April
Upgrade content: Anti-DDoS Pro server rooms in China East of China Telecom and China Unicom China Northeast perform upgrade operations and adding Back-To-Source CIDR blocks
Upgrade impact: Some Back-To-Source CIDR blocks will be added after the Anti-DDoS Pro server rooms are upgraded in China East of China Telecom and China Unicom China Northeast. If you selected your Anti-DDoS Pro node as China East of China Telecom or China Northeast of China Unicom, please pay attention to the Back-To-Source CIDR blocks added this time. If there is an access whitelist setting at the front of the server, please add this new IP segment to the white list before April 15th to avoid the subsequent problem of unreasonable service due to upgrade of the equipment room. Thank you for your cooperation.
Other Anti-DDoS Pro nodes are not affected by this upgrade, please ignore this notice for other nodes.
You can check the latest Anti-DDoS Pro Back-To-Source CIDR blocks information in the upper right corner of the website configuration page in the console. The Back-To-Source CIDR blocks that will be upgraded this time is as follows:

China East of China Telecom:

China Northeast of China Unicom:

Alibaba Cloud