Upgrade to ECS Pay-As-You-Go Instance Billing Method

Dear user,

instances will be upgraded at noon (12:00) on June 6, 2017 (GMT +8). The upgrade will improve the metering accuracy and increase the flexibility of billing services.

1. The ECS Pay-As-You-Go instance billing

cycle will change from Billing per hour to Billing per minute. The minimum charge for the lifecycle of an ECS instance (from creation to release) is 0.01 Chinese Yuan (CNY).

2. If you change an instance type

within the hour of its creation, you will generate multiple metering data. The StartTime and EndTime for each data will be valid periods for the configuration within this hour.

3. Flow bandwidth will be managed as a separate billing item.

4. ECS Pay-As-You-Go Instance disks will maintain the hourly billing mode.

Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.

May 31. 2017