Important Notice: Announcement about extending the length of ECS resource ID

Dear Alibaba Cloud users,

Since September 6, 2016, we will apply long resource ID to some created ECS resources (including instances, disks, security groups, snapshots, images and autosnapshot policies).Instance ID, disk ID, security group ID, snapshot ID, image ID, autosnapshot policy ID would all use long resource IDs. Resource ID would still be in the format of a resource identifier (for example, "i" for an instance and"sg" for a security group) followed by a hyphen and a combination of letters and numbers. The length of the combination of letters and numbers would change from nine characters to 20 characters, for example,i-1234567890123abcdefg for an instance ID. If your application programs have strong dependence on the length of the resource ID that is used in codes,extend the length of the codes to make the application programs compatible with the codes.

We would use the resource ID of the extended length on the entire network at 00:00 on September30, 2016. Therefore, to make the application programs with strong dependence on the resource ID length compatible with the codes, you need to extend the length of the codes that use the resource ID in advance. Only new resource IDs would be replaced with long resource IDs, and existing resource IDs still retain the original ID unchanged.

Best regards,
The Alibaba Cloud Team
September 1, 2016