Pay-As-You-Go ECS instances support per-second billing

Dear Alibaba Cloud users,

Alibaba Cloud will elevate the billing accuracy of Pay-As-You-Go ECS instances to calculate by the second at 12:00, September 28, 2017, UTC, upgrade from the previous method of billing by minute. You can enjoy more finely tuned measuring and billing while only paying for resources that you actually use.

1. Pay-As-You-Go ECS instances and Cloud Disks will be charged by the second, an upgrade from the previous method of billing by minute. The fees are accurate to the 6th decimal place (billing unit: USD). If the fee is less than 0.01 USD throughout the lifecycle from the instance creation to the instance release, a fee of 0.01 USD will be collected.

2. If you have changed your instance configuration within the past hour, multiple metering data records will be generated. The StartTime and EndTime of each data record mark the valid time period of the configuration within the hour.

3. The traffic bandwidth will be separated as an independently billed item.

Thank you for your support of Alibaba Cloud!

September 28, 2017