Announcement on real-name registration for Alibaba Cloud users to purchase and use OSS in mainland China

Dear Alibaba Cloud users,

According to laws and regulations in mainland China, users (including existing users, new users and renewed users) who purchase and use OSS Object Storage Service) on mainland China nodes (excluding Hong Kong nodes) are required to go through real-name registration. If you have completed real-name registration when purchasing other products, no further real-name registration is required.

Information provided during real-name registration only serves for data collection, use, storage, transmission and disclosure for risk control and other purposes conforming to the laws and regulations.

The requirements described above take effect from September 20, 2017, Beijing time. Please take note of this requirement if you are planning to purchase OSS (Object Storage Service) on a mainland China node (excluding Hong Kong nodes).

Thank you for your support of Alibaba Cloud!

September 19, 2017