Announcement on Business System Upgrade

Dear Alibaba Cloud Users,

Partial services of users on the international website and Japanese website of Alibaba Cloud will be disabled temporarily during the period from 22:00, March 20 to 06:00, March 21 (Beijing time) due to business system upgrade.

The affected services include but are not limited to:

1. Activate cloud services.

2. Buy new instances, such as ECS, cloud disks, ApsaraDB for RDS, VPC, EIP, and Server Load Balancer.

3. Pay your renewal fee manually.

4. Change configurations.

5. Perform upgrade.

6. Release instances.

7. Log on to the billing center console.

The system upgrade does not affect the normal operation of cloud services you have purchased. However, you are advised not to perform operations using consoles, command line, and OpenAPIs during the upgrade period.

We apologize for any inconvenience this system upgrade may cause, and do appreciate your understanding.

Alibaba Cloud Computing Ltd.

March 9, 2017