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Log Service - Supports Intelligent Inspection

Log Service provides the intelligent inspection feature. Before you can use the feature to inspect data and identify data exceptions in an automated, intelligent, and adaptive manner, you only need to use SQL statements to process the data.

Target customers: uses who have the following requirements: Business requirements (1) Inspect the access traffic, latency, and page views (PVs) of websites. (2) Inspect the number of active users. (3) Inspect the CPU utilization, memory usage, and system load of machines that provide stable performance. (4) Inspect the inbound and outbound traffic of Server Load Balancer (SLB). (5) Inspect the traffic and latency in the Ingress access logs of Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK). Metric requirements (1) Inspect time series curves that indicate certain business trends. Metric monitoring requirements (1) Inspect data spikes. (2) Inspect data drifts. (3) Inspect local disturbances. (4) Inspect whether an inflection point occurs (metric values indicate a reverse direction). (5) Inspect local data loss and data breakpoints. Features released: Log Service is a data observability and analysis platform that allows you to query and analyze data with high performance. If you use determinate rules to inspect large amounts of data, you may face multiple issues such as low efficiency, low timeliness, complex configuration, and low accuracy. To fix the preceding issues, Log Service provides the intelligent inspection feature that has the following benefits: (1) Automatically learns historical trends and inspects data by using algorithm models. (2) Triggers visualized alerts. You can evaluate the inspection results in alerts and Log Service uses algorithm models to learn how you handle inspection events. (3) Automatically adapts configurations to multiple entities that you want to inspect.

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