New Features

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL - Metric Monitoring Feature Upgraded

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL upgrades the metric monitoring feature to provide instance-level monitoring, node-level monitoring, and overall instance status.

Target customers: all users. Features released: To better present database metrics, AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL upgrades the monitoring capabilities in the following aspects: 1. Instance-level monitoring is provided to display the performance and load metrics of an instance to help customers learn about the overall health status of the instance. The performance and load metrics include connections, storage, CPU, and I/O. 2. Node-level monitoring is provided to display metrics of the coordinator and compute nodes to help customers identify the node that consumes great amounts of resources and take appropriate measures. Compute nodes can be sorted based on their resource usage. 3. The overall instance status is provided on the Basic Information page, including health status, connection status, and storage status. The display of instance storage status is also optimized. Note: If the feature upgrade is unavailable for your instance, click Upgrade Minor Version on the Basic Information page of your instance.

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