New Features

MaxCompute - MaxCompute Allows You to Disable the Display of Table Headers by Using the CLI

Feb 08 2021

MaxCompute allows you to configure parameters in the CLI to disable the display of table headers in the output results of stdout. This CLI-based configuration facilitates shell script call. In addition, uses can obtain dynamic return values for other operations.

Target customers: developers. Features released: In shell or Windows CMD mode, you can run odpscmd -e to call MaxCompute SQL to calculate a dynamic return value and use shell variables to obtain this value. If you want to use this value in subsequent operations in shell, make sure that the value does not contain additional information, such as running information and table headers. MaxCompute allows you to set set to {needHeader:false,fieldDelim:""}; to disable the display of table headers in the output results of stdout and then provide the output results to the destination.

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