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Container Service for Kubernetes - ACK - Backup Center Released for Public Preview

Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) releases the backup center feature for public preview to support data backup for ACK clusters in the cloud and self-managed clusters in data centers.

Target customers: users who require multi-cluster management and multi-cloud management The backup center feature of ACK provides an all-in-one solution for you to back up, restore, and migrate stateless and stateful applications deployed in ACK clusters. This solution meets the data redundancy and migration needs of stateful applications deployed across multiple clusters and in a hybrid cloud environment. 1.Backup center overview: ● ACK clusters: application-consistent backup, scheduled incremental backup, and fast snapshots of TB-level disks. The following storage services are supported: Elastic Block Storage (EBS), local disks, Apsara File Storage NAS (NAS), Cloud Paralleled File System (CPFS), and Object Storage Service (OSS). ● Self-managed clusters in data centers: scheduled incremental backup, data minimization, data deduplication, and data compression. The following storage services are supported: Block storage SAN, Ceph RBD, Logical Volume Manager (LVM)-managed local disks, and file systems such as HostPath, Network File System (NFS), NetApp, GlusterFS, CephFS, and Ceph S3. 2.Application backup and restoration 3.Application migration across clusters This feature is in public preview. To use this feature, submit a ticket to apply to be added to a whitelist.

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