"The networking solution proposed by Alibaba Cloud has greatly improved the network quality of AqualisBraemar’s connections in China to a rather impressive result." - Phil Lenox, Regional Managing Director at AqualisBraemar

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About AqualisBraemar

AqualisBraemar ASA is a large, multi-national company that offers a wide variety of consulting services. Its mission is to provide an unrivalled level of service to its hundreds of clients across the globe by delivering innovative, purposeful and value-added services. Some specializations of AqualisBraemar’s consulting business include insurance, the super-yacht market and offshore renewable energies. At present, AqualisBraemar has 48 offices spread across five continents in 33 countries and regions.


Being a global company, AqualisBraemar rely on cloud computing technologies to provide secure and high-bandwidth connections among its several offices across the world. However, with the complexity of network infrastructure in Mainland China, slow and dropped connections became a regular occurrence for the company. A better network solution is required, particularly one that can help AqualisBraemar to seamlessly connect with its Shanghai office. AqualisBraemar considers improving this network as a necessary step as stable connection is a crucial part of retaining, winning back, and finding new customers in Mainland China.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud is the number one cloud service provider in China and the Asia Pacific region, having an extensive suite of products, services and solutions to meet any and all business requirements. All of this makes Alibaba Cloud the most compelling option for cloud network connections in China, both in terms of value for money as well as ease of migration and setup. Alibaba Cloud offers 1-on-1 presale consultations by experienced experts in the field and 24/7 technical support. By migrating its China connections to Alibaba Cloud, AqualisBraemar was able to leave its unacceptable connection speeds, which hindered its business in China, to move on to fast, stable, and reliable connections, with the network ping time as fast as a mere 20 milliseconds


The proposed architecture is a hybrid network solution that helps to connect AqualisBraemar’s existing enterprise networks with Alibaba Cloud for a better connection in China. This architecture mainly involves Alibaba Cloud VPN Gateway and Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN). VPN Gateway was used to connect the company’s branches, in China and abroad, with Alibaba Cloud through two separate VPN connections. Next, Alibaba Cloud CEN was used to build a hybrid network to connect these two separate VPN networks through a fast and reliable connection that features both low latency and stable transmission speeds. Alibaba Cloud CEN is a superior solution in this case as it ensures that the connection in and out of China can achieve fast routing convergence and markedly improved network quality.

Looking forward

The networking solution proposed by Alibaba Cloud has greatly improved the network quality of AqualisBraemar’s connections in China to a rather impressive result. With this better network connection, the company hopes to further sustain and grow its business in China, and at the same time is interested in learning about further ways to improve its cloud connections. And, in the future, AqualisBraemar will continue to work with Alibaba Cloud to continue to enhance its network in China.