“Alibaba Cloud has virtually limitless storage space, and an advanced range of products available globally, and for these reasons we recommend more companies to join Alibaba Cloud.”

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About Amused Group

Amused Group is a cultural and creative industries company. The group operates in two main areas: creative activities and physical products. A total of four companies operate under the Amused Group banner, including Amused Style, Amused Life, Amused Art, and Amused Touch. The ultimate goal of the Group is to become a cultural business empire comparable to Disney.


Originally our company relied on traditional hard disk storage. We ran the business on traditional infrastructure from 2014 to 2017. We were familiar with operating and identifying problems on this system, such as hard disk malfunctions, but we were struggling with limited storage space. As the business expanded, we made the same decision as other companies in our industry to move to the cloud. One of the main reasons we made the switch was that we were receiving a high volume of mobile traffic. We needed a reliable solution with flexible bandwidth to load content to our growing audience and scale resources to meet demand. By switching to the cloud, we also knew we could minimize the cost of our technical infrastructure, energy consumption, and manpower to manage such resources. In a nutshell, we knew the cloud would not only enhance operational efficiency but also improve asset utilization.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Cloud was a clear choice after we made the decision to migrate to the cloud. We chose Alibaba Cloud because of their superior service reliability, advanced security products, and data storage solutions. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud offers a globalized system, which gives us the opportunity to expand globally. We were impressed with Alibaba Cloud’s support team both before and after becoming a customer. Their team was on-call to answer pre-purchase questions we had regarding appropriate resource configurations. From our experience, it’s also convenient to submit a support ticket from the user console and get a quick response from the Alibaba Cloud team.


Initially, we weren’t familiar with Alibaba Cloud’s product ecosystem and so this was an initial challenge for us starting out. However, at the same time, we were immediately impressed with Alibaba Cloud’s global network and advanced security products. We soon picked up how to use the Alibaba Cloud console, which was easy to learn. The Alibaba Cloud team was instrumental in helping us overcome initial challenges in understanding how to best configure our cloud products. We deployed in the Shanghai (China East 1) and Beijing (China East 1) regions. Since deploying on Alibaba Cloud, we have solved one of our biggest pain-points in regards to insufficient storage space. The Alibaba Cloud CDN has also proved pivotal in running large-scale events. For a recent event project, we created a video + game interactive experience for user groups across the country and abroad. Load speed was pivotal to the success of this project, and Alibaba Cloud CDN was vital to managing sudden peaks in bandwidth traffic. The feedback on the event from users was positive, and our online service remained stable throughout the event.

Final Word

“Alibaba Cloud has virtually limitless storage space, and an advanced range of products available globally, and for these reasons we recommend more companies to join Alibaba Cloud.”