"Alibaba Cloud was instrumental in overseeing our entry to the China market."

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About AlphaEdu

AlphaEDU is a teaching company utilizing information technology to enable students to access our platform at any time and place. The breakdown of barriers to time and location lets students perform study more effectively with greater flexibility. At the same time students can enhance their understanding of the examination and consolidate their ability to confront the examination with an aim to help them to achieve excellent results both in the school and in the public examinations.


At AlphaEDU, we were struggling with the slow response time of our server that was located outside of China with a local private provider. In regards to China, we also lacked the experience to apply for the related license to enable our site to be deployed on a hosting server inside the Mainland. Finally, the cost of our original hosting solution was proving to be another downside.

Why Alibaba Cloud?

There were a few reasons for us to select Alibaba Cloud as our solutions provider over other providers. First, we knew right away that Alibaba Cloud offers access to an experienced technical engineering team. A team that provides comprehensive solutions, professional infrastructure design, and ongoing maintenance. Second, Alibaba Cloud’s sales teams were excellent in terms of customer communication, assistance, demonstrating product knowledge and special assistance for adapting to the China market. Third was Alibaba Group’s strong background. Their rich business experience and resources gave us the confidence to opt for Alibaba Cloud.


Alibaba Cloud was instrumental in overseeing our entry to the China market. The Alibaba Cloud team provided excellent support to help us start our online business in China. In total it took three months to set up our infrastructure design and deploy on Alibaba Cloud, including the lengthy ICP application process. Alibaba Cloud’s ICP team helped us to complete the ICP application and let our site to connect to China without any difficulty.