"Akulaku is confident that Alibaba Cloud, through its robust cloud computing offerings and strong experience in the finance technology sector, can be a reliable partner in supporting our finance technology solutions and ensure compliance with local regulations in all service regions and countries."

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About Akulaku

Akulaku is a multinational that specializes in finance technology and e-commerce, based in Jakarta and founded in 2014. Initially Akulaku started as an online virtual credit card provider, but later branched into several other business lines, including providing lending services, and e-commerce. On Akulaku's marketplace, consumers can choose from a large range of products and services, anything from purchasing a new computer to topping up on a water or cable bill. By early 2019, Akulaku claimed to have 15 million registered users with two million active users. As of now, Akulaku has become the largest player in the Southeast Asia financial services market, having a notable presence in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.


Operating several marketplace platforms and web portals, Akulaku strives to offer its customers with a happy and carefree shopping experience. Ultimately, Akulaku envision a cashless society for its customers, one where credit and spending can all be done online and in a safe and secure fashion. In order to achieve this dream and build a more robust IT infrastructure for both its financial systems and e-commerce platforms, Akulaku needs a reliable and experienced cloud service provider to help them with quick and cost-effective scale-up, big data enabled customer insights, and data security and fraud protection. At the same time, Akulaku also requires the knowhow to be able to comply with all the necessary Indonesian data localization regulations and the local regulations of other countries and regions.

Why Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provides an extensive suite of services and solutions that make migrating to Alibaba Cloud worthwhile in the long run and the migration tools that make deploying infrastructure on the cloud a quick and painless process. Besides its robust cloud computing offerings, Alibaba Cloud and Ant Financial, over the past decade, have proven to be a strong house in the finance technology sector, having released several powerful finance-driven solutions, from mobile payments to credit systems. As a result, Alibaba Cloud brings a new level of security, compliance, and governance to ensure Akulaku’s future growth; effectively reduces Akulaku’s operational expenditure while performs excellent performance; optimizes Akulaku’s resource capacity, backup, and recovery to enhance business continuity; and eventually improves end user experience with lower latency. Akulaku is confident that Alibaba Cloud can be a strong partner in supporting its finance technology solutions and ensure compliance with local regulations in all service regions and countries.


With the cloud computing technologies and capabilities of Alibaba Cloud, Akulaku was able to expand its reach across Southeast Asia while also meeting the demanding expectations of its customers. Through Alibaba Cloud's core products lineup, specifically Elastic Compute Service (ECS) and Object Storage Service (OSS), and database products like POLARDB and RDS for MySQL, Akulaku was able to store a massive volume of data with Alibaba Cloud's full database and storage solution with high elasticity at low costs. Next, with Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer (SLB), Akulaku's network can easily respond to sudden traffic spikes and minimize response times, and through Alibaba Cloud's Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN), Content Delivery Network (CDN), VPN, and NAT Gateway, Akulaku could quickly migrate its networks to the cloud and create a netowrk solution with enterprise-level scalability. Plus, Alibaba Cloud’s Anti-DDoS premium, Security Center, and Web Application Firewall (WAF) enables Akulaku to manage data with end-to-end security.

Looking Forward

Akulaku envision a cashless society for its customers, one where credit and spending can all be done online in a safe and secure fashion. Therefore, in the future, they hope to facilitate even more consumer spending by way of credit, allowing consumers to shop for anything from anywhere without the worry of cash flow issues. Through Alibaba Cloud and Ant Financial's expertise in cloud computing and finance technology, Akulaku hope to come even closer to this dream in the coming future.