Safeheron MPC Private Key Management Solution on Alibaba Cloud

Industry-Leading MPC & TEE Technology Provider, it provides the self-custody private key management solution in Web3.0 scenarios.

Solution Overview and Architecture

Safeheron provides the Self-designed multi-layer security technology combining MPC and hardware isolation protects you from hacking and malicious insiders. Safeheron solution provides the end to end asset custody service based on blockchain and self- developed technology architecture.

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Solution Highlights

millisecondsSafeheron provides multi-layer security technology protect your digital assets. Include following features:
  • Provide a three-in-one security infrastructure with MPC private key privacy computing network, trusted policy engine and zero- trust security architecture.

  • Multi-layer security against threats from hacking, phishing and malicious insider.

  • Provide transparent information release based on different fields to enhance credit.

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