◾2016 Asian Cyber Security Vendor of the Year - Frost & Sullivan ◾No need for signatures - Utilize 27 pre-defined rules - Capable of detecting both known and previously unknown attacks - Extremely low rate of false positives compared to other products ◾ Higher performance - No additional system load by updating signatures (Generally, more than 3,000 signatures will lead to low system performance) ◾Multi-Language Support : Korean/English/Japaneses


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The WAPPLES is a virtual web application firewall designed for the cloud consumer. WAPPLES runs on an intelligent logic analysis engine called Contents Classification and Evaluation Processing, or COCEP. This logic analysis engine utilizes a system of 26 'rules' to execute a logical analysis of all types of traffic. This analysis enables WAPPLES to determine whether or not the traffic constitutes a threat to the web application, and to take appropriate countermeasures when threats are detected. If traffic can successfully pass through all 26 rules, WAPPLES determines that the traffic is not an attack, and transports the data to the web application. The split-second performance of the COCEP enables WAPPLES to determine if traffic is safe in just 1/1000 of a second, leaving system



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