Tomcat + Nginx + My SQL Stack Package on Ubuntu

Architecture : 64-bit



Zhuyun provides a popular open source web application stack consisting of Linux, Nginx, MySQL and Jdk-Tomcat. The Image is created based on Aliyun installation package of linux, which makes it easier to install high quality open source web applications than ever to discover, download and install Open Source software


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Zhuyun provides an archetypal model of web service solution stacks,  whose original open-source components are: the Linux operating system, the Ngnix Server, the MySQL database, and Tomcat enviroment .

It is Universal JAVA environment with highly complete user guide, newer versions of Tomcat , supporting HTML5 Web Socket specifications, providing rich user experience for the website users ,and also providing server-side support for the Android mobile developers . This environment opens "ShutDown", "AJP" ports of tomcat, supports Tomcat cluster expansion.

Platform information
  • Operating system: ubuntu12.04 64bit
  • Java runtime environment(ubuntu12.04 64bit | jdk1.7 | tomcat7)
The components of this Image
  • Nginx1.6-jdk1.7-tomcat7-mysql5.5-vsFTPd2.2.2

Usage Instruction

Nginx+JDK+Tomcat stack on Ubuntu User guide.pdf

About Zhuyun

Zhuyun Information Technology Co.,Ltd was founded in 2013, which is one of the few services companies whose business is entirely cloud-based in china. . Based on Ali cloud’s public cloud computing technology, Zhuyun is commited to help the majority of companies choose the cloud and big data products which really fit their business needs.

Meanwhile Zhuyun provides services including consulting, design, system implementation, application migration, system management, and hybrid cloud management, data center construction and other services; and help enterprises build IT infrastructure of clould computing era.


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