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Our Products: 1. CloudFusion - Hybrid Cloud Management Platform 2. LogLoop - Log Analytics Platform 3. AppBalloon - Dev. Flow and Ops. Management Platform<br><br> <b>Default login user / password:webadmin / webadmin@2017</b>


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Collecting & Proceeding

1.High performance logging

Logging all the way from internet to backend infrastructure; centralizing and processing syslog, log from web servers, applications, data centers, etc.

2.Diverse format unification

Support various sources/formats/purposes of log; able to transform and proceed the log according to customer requirement or different use cases, making log easier to archive and analyze.

Full-text search

Massive full-text search: by setting multiple conditions for advanced search, users can get the field information exactly what they need.

Scalability & Backup


To deal with massively increasing logs with more agility and efficiency, it's allowed to add more systems in one time to scale out the capacity and other resources for better performance.

2.High availability, HA

Constant HA functionality supports dynamic scaling and provides a cloud environment that perfectly meets the organization's structure. Without downtime, the user can deploy resources instantly and assemble logging with analytics programs flexibly.


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