Hillstone Virtual NGFW Essential Edition

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The Hillstone CloudEdge Virtual NGFW Essential Edition provides essential NGFW features to AliCloud users in order to protect their cloud-based applications and resources. It provides both user and application identification; Intrusion Prevention (IPS); ,Quality of Service (QoS); Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and server load balancing capabilities, to address different customer security requirements and deployment scenarios.


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CloudEdge shares the base technology as the Hillstone Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW), and provides the same robust set of security features offered for physical environments.  
·Offers Granular Application Control: CloudEdge provides fine-grained control of web applications regardless of port, protocol, or evasive action. It can identify and prevent potential threats associated with high-risk applications while providing policy-based control over applications, users, and user-groups.

·Enables Access Control for VPCs: Virtual Private Clouds provide logical security perimeters to protect virtual data centers. CloudEdge is deployed at the VPC entry to provide independent management, control and protection for each tenant.

·Secures Data Transmission via VPN: The CloudEdge VPN feature protects data transmission between VPCs or VPCs to their associated enterprise networks.

·Allows for Easy Deployment and Management: CloudEdge can be easily modified or instantiated from templates to address the highly dynamic change operations of virtual machines and virtual environments. Fully integrated with CMPs, administrators can launch, stop and configure firewall policies from the CMP itself; administrators can also configure CloudEdge directly via SecureShell (SSH).

·Provides Multi-tenant Support: Tenant-specific configurations and security policies are supported for maximum control and protection.

CLoudEdge Essential Edition  offers support for AliCloud  instances. It requires 1 core CPU and 1G memory instance. It also provides:

-1,000 concurrent sessions
-Two  IPSec VPN tunnels and two  SSL VPN users
-Application identification, IPS and QoS.  
CloudEdge can be deployed as a VPC security gateway; as a secure VPN appliance between the office site and the cloud; or as server load balancing between different cloud or server resources.  

For more advanced features and high performance models, the HIllstone CloudEdge Standard/Adcanced Edition will be listed soon.

For more information, please visit www.hillstonenet.com

Product User Guide

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You can depend on Hillstone Networks’ remote support services for expert, timely technical resources to help you maintain network security and protect your business 24x7x365. In addition to real-time online support, you may access our experienced, certified engineers through toll-free hotlines.

For details, please contact Hillstone:

Americas: +1-800-889-9860
APAC: +86-400-828-6655
Europe: +420-910-117-735


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