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NooBaa is an object storage that can run on Alibaba cloud, and gap the API bridge by exposing AWS S3 compatible API on top of Alibaba cloud. NooBaa also provides serverless functions with Lambda compatible API that can run directly on Alibaba cloud.


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NooBaa combines commodity hardware and the cloud into a single data fabric. All your storage resources become accessible via a single API, the defacto standard for object storage, AWS S3 compatible API, letting you place, or move data around with just a few clicks.

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Example of major use cases

1. Seamless migration to Alibaba cloud

2. Multi-cloud vendor deployment while keeping a single API from the application point of view.

3. Target for any backup application like NetBackup, Cloudberry, CommVault, etc while using Alibaba cloud storage as the backend.

We acknowledge that it's an era of agility, and NooBaa let you apply multiple different data placement policies on every NooBaa bucket.

You can change these policies all the time, while we keep your application resilient. With NooBaa, you can even use any commodity hardware and turn it into cloud-like storage, and even join it to the same single namespace with the native cloud storage.

NooBaa includes, by default, the following features:

  • Seamlessly incorporates any on-premises capacity; virtual or physical, any vendor, shared or dedicated
  • Support for diverse network connectivity and dispersed WAN topologies
  • Blends multiple public clouds into a single flexible fabric
  • Deduplication, compression, and encryption, always on.
  • 15 minute or less installation time is typical
  • Run your AWS application in Alibaba cloud without changing your code.

NooBaa can serve easily multi PBs of storage while handling the data gravity concerns. NooBaa's advanced tiering, stores all your hot data locally and mirror it to the cloud. Cold data will be served directly from the cloud.

Product User Guide

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