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Neo4j is the world’s leading graph data platform that helps organizations capture the rich context of the real world that exists in their data to solve challenges of any size and scale. Neo4j delivers real-time transaction processing, advanced AI/ML, intuitive data visualization, and more.

Graphs are exciting because they let us look at data, databases, and knowledge in a variety of new ways – which inspires new ideas.

Alibaba Cloud is working closely with Neo4j to deliver extensive products and solutions for Graph Technology. Together we offer enterprise-grade native graph database and tooling for various customers worldwide.

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Solution Scenario and Benefits

Solution Scenarios

· Products Featured (Retail & Insurance)
· Social Interaction Featured (Media)
· Financial Risk Control (Financial Service)

Technical Benefit-Products Featured (Retail)

The graph-based recommendation algorithm is an important technical direction in the current recommendation system. Neo4j through the common relationship discovery and analysis method of the graph, the similar node recommendation is carried out by calculating the number of common neighbors. Applicable to product recommendation scenarios for Retail and insurance.

Technical Benefits-Social Interaction Featured (Media)

Neo4j can easily deal with the real-time storage and efficient query of massive highly interconnected social data, helping you quickly build complex social network systems. Traditional relational tables, but graph databases provide a solution from the genetidatabases are often inefficient or even unable to support queries related to more than three c level to easily handle various complex storage and queries of social networks.

Technical Benefit-Financial Risk Control (Financial Service)

Through Neo4j's graph representation learning technology, the topological information features in the knowledge map are extracted, used as the input conditions of the risk control model, and participating in model training can help financial institutions build higher-precision risk control models.

Business Benefits

· Uncompromised Performance, Reliability, and Integrity.
· Revealing Richer Context to Drive Deeper Insights.
· The Most Trusted. The Most Secure. The Most Deployed.
· No More Complex Joins.
· Use Your Favorite Programming Languages.

Neo4j Graph Data Platform Solution on Alibaba Cloud

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    Partnership with Neo4j

    Jason Xu,Lead Solutions Architect of Common Solutions and Ecosystem, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence
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    Who is Neo4j

    Hubert Ng, Head APAC Channels and Partners
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    Alibaba Cloud and Customer Use Case

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    What is Graph Database & Data Science

    Hubert Ng, Head APAC Channels and Partners
    Ezhil Vendhan, APAC Cloud Partner Architect
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