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  • Frontend

    • H5 • CSS
    • Vue • Node
    • Angular • React

  • Backend

    • Java • PHP
    • .NET • Python
    • Go • Node

  • Database

    • SQL Server
    • MySQL
    • Oracle

  • Terminal

    • iOS
    • Android
    • PC
    • iPad

  • Testing

    • SecurityTest • CompatibilityTest
    • RegressionTest • Apache JMeter
    • Performance Test
    • Functional Test

  • Others

    • Big Data Analysis

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Cloud Development Solutions for Multiple Scenarios

Based on the customized development on Alibaba Cloud, it is safe, stable, efficient and worry-free, and the multi-scenario business solutions meet the various needs of enterprise development.

E-Commerce Solution

Alibaba Cloud focuses on e-commerce business development, subdivides vertical scenarios, provides a variety of solutions for enterprises, and promotes enterprise e-commerce business innovation.

E-commerce Industry

Finance Solution

Based on the customized development on Alibaba Cloud, it is safe and stable and helps financial customers innovate their business and upgrade their digital intelligence.

Financial Sector

Education Solution

Based on Alibaba Cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and other technologies to reconstruct educational tools, improve the quality of education, and accelerate the realization of the intelligent transformation of the education industry.

Education Industry

Medical Solutions

It helps the medical industry achieve digital upgrades, relying on Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure capabilities and cutting-edge technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence, and image recognition.

Medical Industry

Energy Solutions

Data collection, business monitoring, big data processing, intelligent production, and other business scenario solutions help energy companies achieve efficient production, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Energy Industry

Business Solutions

According to the business scenario of the enterprise, it is developed based on Alibaba Cloud to provide enterprises with various solutions, such as a management system, digital marketing, and data management.

Business Industry

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Products of Interest

Live Online
Live online is a platform that livestreams goods and Internet celebrities from e-commerce. You can use any device to initiate or watch a livestream through the network regardless of location.
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Enterprise Network Disk
The modular construction of a safe, easy-to-use, customized enterprise web disk is convenient, helping employees create, query, use, and share all kinds of organizational knowledge documents anytime and anywhere.
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Customer Success Stories

With the increase of branch law firms in Indonesia, Biib Management law firm needs a new management system to improve staff office efficiency and customer management. Internal office automation, process informatization, management intelligence, etc. At the same time, it integrates functions such as email client, calling customers, and document online collaboration to solve various problems in the past, such as complicated business processes, poor operation experience, and difficult personnel management.

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