Cloud-Native Applications Management

Accelerate and secure the development, deployment, and management of containerized applications cost-effectively.


Alibaba Cloud-Native Applications Management Solution, powered by Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK) and Alibaba Cloud Container Registry (ACR), helps enterprises accelerate and secure the development, deployment, and management of applications cost-effectively. You can leverage its services to achieve faster time to market, improved cost performance, new innovative technology, and end-to-end security.

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Solution Highlights


Alibaba cloud-native services allow you to register your existing Kubernetes clusters running on-premise or on other public clouds into Alibaba Cloud's ACK management console, delivering a unified and user-friendly traffic and cluster management experience, including monitoring, observability, and autoscaling.


Alibaba cloud-native services are deeply integrated with other Alibaba Cloud middleware, providing unified and seamless observability, monitoring, and log services. Additionally, these services provide closely integrated solutions for a variety of fields, such as AI, big data, and biotechnology.


Alibaba Cloud has a proven record of success evidenced by the extreme elastic scaling demands of the Double 11 shopping festival. ACK can scale out 1000 nodes in just a few minutes, and Alibaba Serverless Kubernetes (ASK) and Elastic Container Instance (ECI) can launch 500 pods in just 30 seconds.

How It Works

Your Challenge

Traditional application development process is slow and inefficient, the developing, testing, and operation stages hold different silos. Conflicts and boundaries lay between new and existing code. That’s why many have transitioned to building CI/CD to improve the efficiency of the whole application lifecycle.

Our Solution

Your Challenge

Online services generally do not have steady workloads, so traditionally the method was to prepare a maximum level resources to cope with any unpredictable traffic. However, not only is it a waste of resources and costs, it is difficult to manually adjust up and down scaling (errors or speed fails could take days or hours to fix).

Our Solution

  • To meet the demands of applications under different loads, the ACK platform supports auto scaling, which automatically adjusts the number of containers according to the container resource usage in the service. You simply set container auto scaling rules, and service will accordingly and automatically do the expansion and reduction. ACK, along with ARMS, LogService, AHAS etc., provide service monitoring metrics such as CPU/GPU/memory usage and inbound/outbound rate. You may perform your own pressure tests for more precise prediction and make any granular adjustments. It eliminates the need to reserve large amounts of expensive resources beforehand for hard to measure events, such as viral news on social media, or e-commerce promotions.

  • Products

    Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

  • Elastic Container Instance (ECI)

  • Elastic GPU Service (EGS)

  • ECS Bare Metal (EBM) Instance

  • Learn More

    A Quick Guide on How to Set up Autoscaling in Kubernetes

Your Challenge

AI workloads require significant computing capabilities and need to be deployed on heterogeneous computing resources, but there lacks an efficient management system for the CPU, GPU, (X)PU, FPGA, and RDMA. AI workloads are repetitive, based on cycles of data preparation, model building/training/evaluating, and release. Training models are often done at massive scale.

Our Solution

  • You can use ACK to build your own AI deep learning and inference platforms that supports mainstream AI frameworks acceleration such as Tensorflow, Caffe, PyTorch and MXNET on Alibaba Cloud. You can release as Docker images, and integrate with deep learning solutions for Alibaba Cloud, such as Arena. It enables data scientists and algorithm engineers to quickly use Alibaba Cloud resources (including Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, GPU instances, Alibaba Cloud HPC, Object Storage Service (OSS), Elastic MapReduce, and Server Load Balancer) to perform data preparation, model development, model training, evaluation, prediction, and other tasks. This solution also easily transfers the deep learning capability to service APIs, accelerating the integration with business applications.

  • Products

    Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

  • Learn More

    Bring a Machine Learning Application in Managed Kubernetes in 10 Minutes

Your Challenge

A single cloud or single cluster architecture has significant risks in the event of disaster or other unforeseen circumstances. In addition, there are cost disadvantages with being locked-in with a single vendor.

Our Solution

  • Multi-cloud and multi-cluster architectures can provide benefits such as high availability and multi-region zones. At the same time, both types of architectures can also reduce vendor dependency, which in turn offers a host of advantages, such as reduced costs, reduction in the need to store data with a single vendor, and the ability to take advantage of the best features each vendor has to offer, such as AI and GPU capabilities, backup in case of disaster recovery, without being locked in to one particular cloud vendor.

  • ACK follows the application-oriented multi-cloud and multi-cluster architecture described above. You may import existing clusters of other public cloud vendors. In this scenario ACK brings persistent connections and long responses, tunnel high availability, agent high availability, and stub high availability.

  • Products

    Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK)

  • Learn More

    Provisioning a Multi-zone ACK Kubernetes Cluster Using Terraform

Alibaba Cloud Partners for Cloud-Native Services

Customer Success Stories

See how companies large and small are leveraging Alibaba Cloud to grow and improve their business

By leveraging the solution proposed by Alibaba Cloud, Investree completed the re-architecture from monolith to microservices; shortened its time of app development and deployment; reduced IT and resources expenditures; and improved reliability and agility.

Investree is Indonesia's leading B2B marketplace lending platform for SMEs that is fully licensed by the Financial Services Authority of Indonesia (OJK) for both conventional and Shariah businesses. Investree is based in Indonesia but has grown its regional footprint in Thailand and soon to be in the Philippines. Investree's mission as a marketplace is to use technology and data to provide small businesses with access to working capital solutions from retail and institutional lenders.

Asakita found that Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes ensures a reliable and consistent experience, provides workload portability, and also provides scalability and stability that is required by the application.

Asakita is a leading peer to peer lending online platform in Indonesia that provides all your financial needs through customized micro loan services. Our products are made with one goal in mind; to simplify the long-winded verification processes for loans, facilitating the disbursement of loan funds in just 5 minutes.

Currently, Splio is using and exploring managed services such as Alibaba Cloud Container Service for Kubernetes (ACK). By using this service, Splio no longer needs to maintain these clusters, which saves them time and allows them to focus on their core business.

Splio is a SaaS New Loyalty Marketing Platform that combines such services as New Loyalty Engine and Marketing Automation with Mobile activation, including mobile wallets, mini-programs, to enable marketers to acquire, activate, engage and retain customers with personalized communications on all channels, driving loyalty and revenue for brands. Over 500 brands in a diverse number of sectors are all using Splio worldwide.

Using container registry and container services to reliably deploy workloads and orchestrate resources. Improve visibility through API gateway, cloud monitoring and service mesh on top of container services.

Unocart Insights is the Google Analytics for brick-and-mortar shopping, giving FMCG companies real-time omni channel insights into consumer demographics and buying behaviours. By leveraging mobile technologies to capture receipt images, Unocart has simplified the panelist experience which results in a broader, more engaged base of panelists than other traditional methods can deliver.

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