Steps to Deploy in Mainland China

Establish a legal commercial entity in Mainland China (recommended)
Select Alibaba Cloud products and services
Apply for ICP certification (websites only)
Launch your online presence in China

Common Cross-border Scenarios

  • Web Hosting
  • E-commerce
  • Cloud Security
  • Express Connect
Web Hosting

Website load speed is crucial anywhere in the world and especially in a mobile-centric market such as China. The best option to minimize latency, improve SEO visibility, and provide high availability is to host in Mainland China.

Getting Started

  • 1. Choose from seven regions in Mainland China to host your website with multiple availability zones in each region.
  • 2. Access expert support for ICP application.
  • 3. Host your website on a server in your home region and deploy on a CDN to accelerate delivery of static files to end-users in China.
  • 4. Website owners who are not eligible to deploy in Mainland China may opt to deploy in Hong Kong.

As a leader in the e-commerce industry, Alibaba Cloud understands that launching a cross-border e-commerce platform requires a sophisticated architecture to deliver online content and protect online transactions.

Getting Started

  • 1. If your website has a large number of static resources, you can use CDN to store and deliver static content and accelerate content loading.
  • 2. Safeguard your website from cyber intrusions with Server Guard, Mobile Security, and WAF.
  • 3. Issue recommendations to users and analyze visitor behavior with Big Data-based products, and leverage DirectMail and Open Search to better serve your end-users.

Related Products & Services

Cloud Security

Alibaba Cloud offers a suite of purpose-built cloud products to protect against common attacks in China and safeguard sensitive data and online transactions.

Getting Started

  • 1. Add Anti-DDoS Basic to your architecture at no extra cost. This enables you to mitigate attacks by routing traffic away from your infrastructure, including protection at the application and volumetric level.
  • 2. Defend against massive DDoS attacks with Anti-DDoS Pro, WAF, and Server Guard, and isolate your cloud network to operate resources in a secure environment with VPC.
  • 3. Alibaba Cloud is the first cloud services provider to receive CSA STAR Certification and first cloud services provider to be certified with the ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification in China.
Express Connect

Deliver web applications to end-users in China, including delivery of gaming, video streaming, financial services, and SaaS platforms without performance issues through a high-speed and secure dedicated network connection.

Getting Started

  • 1. Use Alibaba Cloud Express Connect to join different network environments over long distances and enjoy low latency, stable quality, and high bandwidth comparable to an intranet communication.
  • 2. Link with a Virtual Private Cloud to provide a secure and stable private network channel for communication.
  • 3. Reduce long-distance packet loss rate to less than 0.2%.

Alibaba Cloud in China

With a 40% share of the local market, Alibaba Cloud is the undeniable leader in China's cloud computing market

Extensive Network Coverage

Alibaba Cloud has seven data centers in Mainland China and more than 1,000 CDN nodes connected by a multi-line BGP backbone network. This guarantees stable connectivity between major network providers in China and fast access for end-users.


Alibaba Cloud has a proven track record in providing high-performance. This includes processing up to 140,000 orders a second during the world's largest e-commerce festival and hosting the railway ticket site, which records up to 40 billion page views a day leading up to the Chinese Spring Festival.

ICP Support

Applying for ICP certification can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Alibaba Cloud has a team of bilingual experts to help walk you through the application.

Advanced Security

Alibaba Cloud's security products are trusted by over 40% of websites hosted in China, which includes free Anti-DDoS Basic service, automatic snapshots, triplicated backups, and advanced services that have set records in DDoS attack protection.

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US East
China Regions
Hong Kong

Grow your business in China with other Alibaba Group services

Online Payments
  • Alipay
  • Taobao
  • Tmall
  • Cainiao
Digital Marketing
  • Alimama
  • Youku
  • Tudou

Customer Stories

Chengdu Huang

“We have found that Alibaba Cloud's DNS is more reliable than any other DNS service provider in China and the U.S. In fact, our service availability with the number of mobile carriers has increased significantly from 50% to 200% after switching to Alibaba Cloud.”

BorderX Lab


BorderX Lab

E-commerce App, USA

As BorderX Lab caters to a global audience, we required a robust IT infrastructure to connect consumers with merchants while managing different applications running in multiple data centers across countries. Alibaba Cloud is well established, reliable and they understood exactly our infrastructure needs as an e-commerce company. Also, the global presence of Alibaba Cloud, especially its strong presence in China, was one of the primary reasons we chose Alibaba Cloud. Learn more

David Chen

“There were two things that impressed me the most. One thing is the smooth ICP application process Alibaba Cloud provides. Our users all use this process to apply for ICP for their own domains, and they all think the process is easy for them. The other thing is the CDN service. According to my benchmark result, Alibaba Cloud wins on the number of edge servers, average response time, average download speed in all major ISPs and provinces.”


Founder and CEO


Website Building Platform, USA

As an international website building platform, obtaining an ICP license for China is very important to our users. The actual process of obtaining an ICP license though is quite complex. With Alibaba Cloud’s built-in and easy-to-follow ICP application process, it has helped with our user experience a lot. Also, we switched from another CDN provider to Alibaba Cloud because the previous CDN network was a bit spotty and can be slow sometimes in some areas. Learn more


Elad Rave

“We can now offer on average a 20x performance improvement over the regular Internet for China users, and without Alibaba Cloud’s presence in the different metropolitan areas, this would not be possible. The Alibaba Cloud footprint also offers a more stable infrastructure between China and other regions that we’ve seen with other cloud providers.”


Founder and CTO


Cloud solution provider, U.S & Israeli

Our goal is to provide a peak user experience across any geography, ultimately benefiting customer retention and revenue for our customers. To enable this, we need to be able to deploy our GCN as close as possible to our customers’ end-users. As international business to and from China increases, we therefore required a cloud service provider partner with a local presence in China and also could offer a service in other geographies. Alibaba Cloud met both requirements. Learn more


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Internet slow in China?
As China has a large population with fewer peering points than that of the U.S and Europe, this creates backlogs and may lead to slower Internet speed. China’s 710+ million Internet users are dispersed over vast distances and certain rural areas still rely on 2G networks. To overcome these connectivity barriers, Alibaba Cloud has seven data center regions in-country, with multiple availability zones in each region, as well as 1,000+ CDN nodes across Mainland China to provide network bandwidth peak at 200 Mbps.
2. Can users within Mainland China access my overseas-hosted website?
Your website should be accessible in Mainland China but may face constraints in regards to latency, unavailability, and limited SEO visibility depending on the location of where your website is hosted.
3. Why is my overseas-hosted website slow to load in China?
Numerous issues could be affecting your website's load speed. Common issues include latency caused by the distance between your server and end-users in China and limitations to international bandwidth. Your website rendering speed may also be affected by integration with third-party services that are not accessible in China.
4. Can I use WordPress to build my China website?
Yes. Many other popular website builders are also accessible in China. However, you will need to check that they provide an in-house or third-party China hosting option.
5. Will my website be blocked if integrated with social media channels that cannot be accessed in China?
Your website should be accessible in Mainland China but social media icons and other third-party integration will experience lost functionality. This will affect your website's rendering speed and user experience. To optimize your website for China, it is recommended that you disable integration with social media and other platforms that cannot be accessed in China.
6. What are the advantages of hosting in Mainland China?
Hosting in China is the best option to reduce latency and improve load speed. Load speed is crucial anywhere in the world and especially in a mobile-centric market such as China. In addition, hosting a website in China will improve search engine visibility. Chinese search engines typically rank websites hosted in Mainland China higher than those that are not.
7. Do I need a Chinese domain name for my China website? What are the requirements?
A Chinese (.cn) domain is optional and is not required to host in Mainland China. Purchasing a Chinese domain (.cn) is straightforward, as it requires only passport identification. A Chinese domain name application takes approximately 2-3 days to process and can be purchased from Alibaba Cloud.
8. We are worried about affecting users in the U.S. should we switch our website hosting to China. Do you have a recommended solution?
A popular solution for companies wishing to serve multiple markets from one location is to host in Hong Kong. Hong Kong has low setup requirements and provides effective coverage for Mainland China and international regions. An alternative is to continue hosting in the U.S. and deliver your website in China via a Content Delivery Network (CDN). CDN offers a high performance caching network to speed up your website delivery and manage spikes in traffic. Finally, there is the option of hosting your website in Mainland China or Hong Kong and linking to CDN nodes in the U.S. To deploy your website on a hosting server or CDN located in Mainland China you will first need to obtain ICP certification.

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