What Are the Application Areas of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence are the three most popular technology fields. In recent years, the Chinese government has attached great importance to the development of the cloud computing industry. From the fields of finance, transportation, medical care, education to personnel and innovative manufacturing, the whole industry extends and expands. Cloud computing will have its place in all aspects of the IT industry. The following are ten typical application scenarios of cloud computing!
Virtual Desktop Cloud

The virtual desktop cloud can solve the problem of the high cost of traditional desktop systems. It uses the mature desktop virtualization technology, which is more stable and flexible, and the system administrator can uniformly manage the user's desktop environment on the server-side. This technology is more suitable for those who need Businesses that use a lot of desktop systems.
Cloud Storage System

The cloud storage system can solve the lack of management of local storage and reduce the loss rate of data. It provides cloud storage services by integrating various storage devices in the network, and can manage data storage, backup, replication, and archiving. Cloud storage The system is ideal for businesses that need to manage and store massive amounts of data.
Dev Test Cloud

The development and the testing cloud can solve the thorny problems in the development and testing process. It can reserve, deploy, manage and recycle the entire development and testing environment through a friendly web interface. It uses virtual images to quickly build heterogeneous development and test environments, reproduce problems through virtualization technologies such as fast backup/restore, and use the powerful computing power of the cloud to stress-test applications, which is more suitable for those who need to develop and organizations and enterprises testing multiple applications.
Large-scale data processing cloud

A large-scale data processing cloud can perform large-scale processing of massive data, which can help enterprises to quickly analyze data, discover possible business opportunities and existing problems, and make better, faster, and more comprehensive decisions. Its working process is a large-scale data processing cloud. By running data processing software and services on a cloud computing platform, it uses the computing and storage capabilities of cloud computing to process massive amounts of data on a large scale.
IDC Cloud

IDC cloud is based on IDC's original data center, adding more cloud genes, such as system virtualization technology, automatic management technology, and smart energy monitoring technology. Through IDC's cloud platform, users can use resources such as virtual machines and storage. Also, IDC can provide many new services with certainly added value by introducing new cloud technologies, such as PaaS and so on. The IDC clouds that have been formed now include Linode and Rackspace.
Collaboration Cloud

Collaboration cloud is a cloud provider that builds a dedicated cloud on the basis of IDC cloud or directly, builds a complete set of collaboration software in this cloud, and shares this software with users. It is very suitable for those who need certain collaboration tools, but do not want to Enterprises and individuals who maintain related software and hardware and pay high software license fees.
HPC Cloud

HPC cloud can provide users with a fully customized high-performance computing environment. Users can change the operating system, software version, and node scale of the computing environment according to their own needs, so as to avoid conflicts with other users and become a grid computing platform. Support platform to improve the flexibility and convenience of computing. HPC cloud is especially suitable for ordinary enterprises and schools that need to use high-performance computing but lack huge investment.
Cloud Antivirus

Cloud anti-virus technology can install anti-virus software with a huge virus signature database in the cloud. When suspicious data is found, the anti-virus software can upload the suspicious data to the cloud, and use the huge signature database and powerful anti-virus software in the cloud. Processing power to analyze this data for viruses, which is ideal for users who need to use antivirus software to protect their computer.
Enterprise cloud

Enterprise cloud is very suitable for medium and large enterprises that need to improve the operation and maintenance level of internal data centers and want to make the whole IT service more business-oriented. Related products and solutions include IBM's WebSphere CloudBurst Appliance, Cisco's UCS, and VMware's vSphere.
game cloud

Game cloud is a technology for deploying games to the cloud. There are two main application modes at present. One is based on the web game mode, such as using JavaScript, Flash, Silverlight, and other technologies, and deploying these games to the cloud. The solution is more suitable for casual games; the other is designed for large-capacity and high-quality professional games. The entire game will be running in the cloud, but the newly generated images will be transmitted to the client, which is more suitable for professional players.

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