Website Deployment|How to Build a Website with Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting & Deploy Magento on Alibaba Cloud

How to Build a Website with Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting

Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting is a flexible and easy-to-use product that allows you to build or transfer a website using FTP. It supports a wide variety of web builders and is ideal for all kinds of applications, from personal blogs to e-commerce websites.

This tutorial describes how to build a website with Alibaba Cloud Web Hosting in just a few easy steps.

You would need to have an FTP client installed. You would also need existing files to be uploaded onto your website.

Step 1: Purchasing Web Hosting Product
1. Open your browser and visit . Click Buy Now to make a purchase.

Note: You may have to change your language preference as the webpage opens.

2. Make an appropriate selection for Version, Data Center, and OS.

Choose your desired Subscription Duration and click Buy Now again to proceed.

3. You will then reach the login page of your Alibaba Cloud Management Console. Enter the relevant details to log in into the console and proceed. Review your order and click Place Order upon confirmation.

4. You will be taken to the next page where you can complete the purchase process upon making the payment.

5. With that, you have successfully purchased the Alibaba Web Hosting service.

Step 2: Obtaining FTP Credentials
1. Now, go back to the console to find the purchased Web Hosting product. Click on the Web Hosting icon under the Domains & Websites section.

2. Click Manage to view and manage the settings of your hosted website.

3. Go to File Management on the left-hand panel and select Upload Site.

4. On the Upload Site page, you can get the credentials for the FTP or reset the password for the FTP login.

Please check this blog for more operation.

Deploy Magento on Alibaba Cloud

This post will describe how you can set up a Magento website with a Nginx web server on an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance installed with Ubuntu 14.04.

Magento is an open-source platform specially designed to make flexible e-commerce websites. It's written in PHP and offers business tools which fast tracks the development process and increase productivity. It's one of the commonly used tools to build an e-commerce websites and has witnessed incredible user adoption until now. We will be working on the Magento version in this tutorial.

You'll need to Install the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack: To proceed further, you primarily need to have the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) stack ready on your Alibaba Cloud ECS instance. We will be using ApsaraDB for RDS as a database in this blog. Use this quick guide for steps for installation

Deploying Magento
Let's go through the steps of deploying Magento on an Alibaba Cloud ECS instance. At this point, we have an Alibaba Cloud ECS server with Apache web server and PHP installed. Now, we are going to create a database and user for Magento, which will be used as a datastore for the website.

Step 1: Create a Database and User for Magento
1. Click on the instance name or manage in the ApsaraDB for RDS console to navigate to the configuration page for that particular RDS instance.

2. Navigate to Account Management to create a Database user. Click on Create Account to create a new user account for ApsaraDB for RDS.

3. Fill all the required details like Database account name, Authorized Database (we have not created any database yet so leave it blank) and Password. Click OK to create the account.

Please check this blog for more operation.

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