ECS user experience

First of all, ESC cloud server is a simple and efficient computing service with scalable processing capabilities. Region: refers to the physical location where the ESC instance is located. The intranets of ESC instances in different regions can communicate with each other, but the intranets of ESC instances in different regions cannot communicate with each other. Image: It is the template of the running environment of the ESC instance, generally including the operating system and pre-installed software. Security group: It is a virtual firewall with stateful inspection packet filtering function. Every instance belongs to at least one security group. Instances in the same security group can communicate with each other on the network. By default, instances in different security groups cannot communicate with each other on the intranet, but mutual access between two security groups can be authorized. Snapshot: It is a data copy of a disk at a certain point in time.

Second, the performance of ECS is excellent. In the test, I used some common applications and tools to test the performance of ECS, such as Apache, Nginx, MySQL, JMeter, etc. The results show that ECS has excellent computing, storage, and network performance, can easily handle a large amount of traffic and high concurrent requests, and has very good response time and stability. This is very attractive for users who need high availability and high performance computing resources.

Third, ECS has strong scalability. In the process of using ECS, I found that it supports a variety of elastic scaling strategies, including based on multiple dimensions such as CPU utilization, network traffic, and request volume, and can flexibly adjust computing resources according to business needs. In addition, ECS also supports integration with other Alibaba Cloud services, such as cloud monitoring, load balancing, object storage and other services, enabling users to better manage and optimize cloud computing resources and improve business availability and performance.

Finally, the security and reliability of ECS is trustworthy. As a leading cloud service provider in the industry, Alibaba Cloud has always paid attention to the protection of cloud security and reliability. ECS provides a variety of security protection measures, such as security groups, DDoS protection, SSL acceleration, etc., as well as multiple backup and disaster recovery mechanisms to ensure the security and reliability of user data. In addition, Alibaba Cloud also provides a variety of support services, such as online technical support, operation and maintenance services, security consulting, etc., so that users can obtain comprehensive technical support and guarantee when using ECS.


1. The server needs to add a security group, open the port from the security group, and configure the port to realize the mapping, so that our local machine can access this cloud server.

2. In the process of website testing, everyone found some problems with the port, which is a protection mechanism of Alibaba Cloud. The server needs to add a security group, open the port from the security group, and configure the port to realize the mapping, so that our physical machine can access this cloud server.

3. The problem with the SSL certificate. If there is no SSL certificate, your website will be displayed as insecure. Search for the SSL certificate in the cloud server, click to go, then click Free Certificate, create a certificate, a free SSL certificate will be created, and then click The certificate application will download a zip compressed file, which contains the compressed key (KEY) and certificate (PEM format) respectively.

In general, ECS is a cloud computing resource with powerful functions, excellent performance, good scalability, safety and reliability. It can provide users with flexible, efficient and stable computing resources, and help users easily cope with different scales and business needs. computing tasks. In the process of using ECS, I feel its easy-to-use operating experience, excellent performance, flexible scalability, and reliable security guarantees, all of which make me trust and rely more on Alibaba Cloud's cloud services.

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