The website running on the Windows instance cannot be accessed because TCP port 80 and the web service are unavailable

Note The following steps use the Windows Server 2012 R2 operating system as an example. For specific operations, please refer to your actual operating system.

TCP port 80 is not available

1. Connect to the Windows instance remotely.

2. Open the CMD command prompt.

a. Click the Start icon icon in the lower left corner of the desktop, and then click the Search icon icon.

b. Enter cmd in the search box. Click Command Prompt

c. Click Command Prompt.

Enter the command prompt. go to command prompt

3. Execute the following command to check whether TCP port 80 is monitored.

netstat -ano | findstr :80

The display is as follows. If any of the following results are returned, it means that the web service on TCP port 80 has been started, that is, the check is normal. If there is an exception, see Web Service Unavailable for handling.

Explanation Local monitoring will make the external network unable to access the web service, only the local machine can access, you can execute the netsh http delete iplisten ipaddress= command to modify it to the whole network monitoring.

4. Check whether the TCP port 80 is released and whether the connection is normal.

a. Check whether the instance security group allows port 80. If not, you need to add security group rules.

b. Check whether the firewall of the instance operating system is enabled. If it is enabled, it is recommended to disable the firewall and use the security group instead.

c. Use telnet and tracert commands to trace the connectivity of port 80.

5. Check whether the cloud server bandwidth is sufficient.

If not, try to upgrade the instance bandwidth.

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