The Vendor Management Process

Get rid of expensive permits, communication inefficiencies and worksheets by employing an IT vendor management system.

The Vendor Management Process

Establish an IT Service Delivery Network.

Begin by creating the main channels and network for operating the delivery of services.

Initiate a Vendor Onboarding Process

Setting up a channel for each vendor and inviting each channel to join the main network help streamline the onboarding process. The process facilitates the spontaneous influx of consistent service deliverables and prospects from the main channel to each vendor channel.

Service Agreement Automation

Speed up service agreement talks with 100 percent precision and eliminate human mistakes by converting registered service agreements into a digital certificate. It's accessible by other vendor channels for review and signature on paper or digitally.

Specify Operating Procedures and Processes

The processes across your network should be entirely coordinated. Establish a fully modifiable workflow and set it to send alerts and notifications to the involved vendors or stakeholders.

Visibility of Service Operations

Acquire insights on services and complete transparency with tools for possible troubleshooting bottlenecks. You can allocate one or more vendor tickets to streamline collaboration while still securely managing authorizations for sensitive data.

Real-Time Communication

Optimizing real-time communication prevents information delays across your network.

Automatic Invoicing and Billing

The complete automation of invoice operations and billing logic gets rid of human errors. Set them up to reference and track for automation in real time.

Custom Dashboards and Reports

A significant importance of inventory management systems is that you can specify reports to manage, present and synchronize the vendor workflows from a central point.

Save up to 70 Percent on Costs

Maintain greater standards of service delivery while reducing overall costs of operation. Scale the network of your vendors as it grows without incurring any additional license charges.

eamless Consolidation

A stand-alone ITSM system or integration with your current ITSM tools is possible with the right tools.

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