The 7 Must-Read Topics on Robotic Process Automation

What is Robotic Process Automation(RPA)?

RPA is a software innovation that simplifies the development,management,and deployment of intelligent automation that mimic human actions while dealing with digital systems and software.

For a good reason,it's in the hearts of many IT lovers and professionals: It offers repetitive work automation, allowing precious IT talents to take on more innovative work.

As IT professionals have indicated, over the last couple of months, there's often confusion when the term RPA is mentioned,what it means or doesn't and its relationship with the larger world of AI. A lot of fear is also associated with the term: When people hear RPA, they hear "job loss."

Despite the odds, it's essential to know how technology operates and its relationship with AI,talk about it to non-techies and figure out how it would help your company.You also require an understanding of how to make a case and evaluate the success of projects.

To get you up-to-date,a shortlist of must-reads on RPA has been curated below.There are several misconceptions about RPA that you must understand.

Let's take a look at the list of 7 topics you must catch up on regarding robotic process automation:

●How to explain RPA in plain English
●RPA vs.AI
●How to identify RPA opportunities
●How to persuade skeptics
●The six things people get wrong
●The four factors that make RPA projects fail
●How to measure RPA ROI

Final Thoughts

Catching up on the above-listed topics will bring you up to speed on the concept of robotic process automation,the advantages of robotic process automation and the key features of robotic process automation.Most importantly,it will shed light on its relevance and how it can apply to problem-solving within your organization.

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