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What is Artificial Intelligence?

It is the development and theory of computer operations being able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence.If you are unsure if robotic systems will take over your profession,check out our post to learn about the careers that AI technologies will replace in the long term.Among the most concerning aspects of AI is that its rapid growth will soon replace many jobs.Of course,even before computers were introduced,numerous people were worried about losing their employment.What happened next was not what many people expected.Computers improved workplace productivity and efficiency.This is also true of artificial intelligence.According to 80 percent of business and technology leaders,AI has increased job opportunities and productivity.Unquestionably,AI outperforms humans in many areas,but this does not mean that it will eliminate all jobs.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

AI and robotic systems can make humans' jobs easier, while technology can take over some types of work. According to online assignment help, AI will displace nearly 42 percent of jobs. A World Economic Forum report predicts that AI will generate 58 million jobs worldwide by 2022. It's difficult to predict how the employment market will evolve in the coming years.Because of new needs and demands,we can anticipate having current job positions that do not exist in five to ten years.These are just some advantages of AI in business.To keep up to date on AI and the employment sector,we've compiled a list of disciplines that AI can replace.

Front Desk Employees

Since computer-controlled calls and scheduling systems are in place in many workplaces, AI has already replaced 96 percent of this profession. This is evident in the world's largest corporations and organizations.

Editors and Proofreaders

As new proofreading apps and software emerge daily,the demand for proofreading experts will dwindle.

You can now check punctuation and grammar as you type a document,or you can use editing apps if you prefer.These kinds of proofreading software programs can detect copyright infringement and incorrect sentence structure.

These innovations have simplified proofreading and it is possible automated processes will replace proofreaders soon.


AI robots can perform 99 percent of telemarketing tasks.In fact,you have probably received automated calls from big businesses about the products or services they provide.

According to studies,the telemarketing profession's growth will slow by 3% by 2024. Required telemarketing skills enable robots to fill this role because being a successful telemarketer does not require emotional intelligence.

The conversion rate for telemarketers is low, making this role vulnerable to AI robot replacement.


We're soon going to see delivery by robots,so messengers should start looking for other jobs or plan for how to survive once the replacement is fully in place.

Robots and drones have already begun to phase out this field,and we can expect automation to dominate in the near future.

Operating a Vehicle

Automation may soon monopolize taxi and public transportation industries.

Some companies have introduced semi-autonomous vehicles,and we can expect to see fully autonomous vehicles enter the market soon.


There is a 98 percent chance that AI-enabled devices will replace bookkeeping clerks.Many bookkeeping tasks are now being automated as a result of software programs that reduce the cost of bookkeeping.

Because of the abundance of step-by-step guides,lessons and advice shared by experts on the internet,non-techies can now do most computer troubleshooting.

If you want to resolve the Blue Screen of Death on your computer,you can use another computer that is connected to the internet to do so.

Large corporations now use automated programs to handle customer service questions,so it's not surprising that automated robots may eventually replace this profession.

Planning for the Future of Your Career

As AI technology advances, remaining relevant in today's world becomes more important than ever.

While AI in the near future may replace the professions mentioned above,it will not replace human emotions and behaviors.Customers,in fact,prefer their problems resolved by real people rather than robots.

No one knows what the future holds for them.While AI may not completely replace your profession,the chances of many roles being taken over by automated machines are high.

To remain relevant in these changing and turbulent times,you must future-proof your profession.

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