How to Design Private Cloud Computing

Cloud computing platforms executed under the IT department's supervision are recognized as private cloud solutions. Private and public cloud offerings are designed to deliver similar components and benefits, although private cloud eliminates the challenge of enterprise control and the security and privacy of the client's information. It does, however, introduce several issues that a cloud provider would typically handle. This article highlights the benefits of private cloud and considerations for implementing the solution.

There should be no difference in the features of private cloud and public cloud solutions. These features include resource oversight, usage monitoring, automation management and protection. Additionally, private cloud solutions offer standardization, scalability and quality of service management.

Considerations for Private Cloud Network Design

Unlike massive public cloud services, private cloud computing does not have scale merit. Private cloud services may appear costly due to budget constraints. Private cloud solutions face the same integration issues with legacy systems, alternative private cloud systems and public cloud options. When an application spans many computer environments, this is a must-investigate scenario.

Quality management of key services is essential in private cloud network designs. Private cloud solutions require a significant level of standardization. If the work is not executed early over the years as part of an organization's best practices, implementing private cloud will simply highlight the company's lack of maturity.

The success of private cloud computing offerings hinges on service management and the resulting quality. If these best practices are not already in place, this might be a challenge for an IT firm.

Private cloud implementation has soft costs that may not exist with public cloud. This involves training IT employees on private cloud practices and products. It also requires a cultural shift inside an organization if internal customers are not used to chargeback or other crucial ITIL best practices when introducing private cloud solutions.


Private cloud solutions can solve some of the security issues experienced with public cloud solutions, but they may present new problems depending on the IT Company deploying them. A private cloud solution must first be carefully evaluated and analyzed depending on business demands. Discussions on returns on investment, orientation and service operation factors are the issues.

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