eLearning and Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology and its Applications in Education

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two terms that became popular in the information technology industry in recent years.Satoshi Nakomoto created and released Blockchain to the public in 2008 to serve as the public payment log for Bitcoin,one of the first cryptocurrencies.Blockchain technology is continuously progressing at a rapid speed.There are various applications of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrency,including financial institutions,hotels,medical services and government projects.

Blockchain is the latest buzzword in digital transformation technology.This adaptable futuristic technology has the potential to disrupt the corporate training industry.As a result,forward-thinking executives have already employed it to drive business advancement.

As per the Global News Wire,M-learning is still the sector's fastest-growing market with an annual growth rate of 20%. By 2027, they predict the global market for mobile learning to hit $80.1 billion. So, with such growth statistics, why wouldn't one contemplate shifting from conventional networks to online learning?Here are a few compelling arguments.

The rapid transition to online education and learning that took place in 2020 drew a huge amount of attention.COVID-19 may have accelerated the transition from traditional physical learning and education to online formats.Rather than ushering in a new trend,it has merely accelerated what was already underway.

As part of the educational or training process,the participant,the organization and a variety of third-party suppliers exchange a significant amount of personal data.Blockchain seems to be nearly custom-made to assist in protecting and safeguarding this new model of education with a mix of information security and the ability to transfer information across a vast network virtually.There are a few factors to consider and opportunities for tutors,schools providing online education and private industry blockchain development services firms to improve the educational process and product.

Automated Markers and Diplomas

The invention of secure digital emblems and certificates that people can prove and present on digital portfolios is among the major uses of blockchain technology in education.As an example:

●Accredible,founded in 2013,is the official certification partner for top organizations.Accredible provides paperless digital credential verification with a single click and integrates with a broad range of popular digital processes and software.
●Edgecoin is a similar company that provides blockchain-based smart certificates and digital credentials.Edgecoin provides academic establishments with a safe web-based dashboard for maintaining,developing and publishing blockchain-based credentials.

Using Cryptocurrency as a Prize

How can institutions recognize the learner?As technology progresses,using bitcoin to reward students for completing programs is a fascinating new option for motivating students to complete programs faster.Services such as BitRewards make this procedure easier and more efficient.

Protecting Student Information

As more academic institutions rely on internet-based database systems,the danger of hackers changing test scores,attaching unearned qualifications,or stealing the entire database has increased.They can use blockchain to better identify their students while protecting private information and records.It also helps to fund education and recognize students for their outstanding work.

>Intellectual Property Protection

The research and efforts of academic institutions have ignited or influenced many advancements and developments.Individuals involved in schools frequently devote a considerable amount of effort and time to the creation of intellectual property in the form of research.The need to protect and potentially monetize the outcomes of these educational efforts is critical in an economy that is increasingly digital-first and developing toward a digital-everything model.


Blockchain technology is critical to human ingenuity and preservation.We've only begun to explore what it can do for societal development. Because of blockchain's increased security and incentives,entire industries will be transformed,including the online education sector.Educational technology trends will continue to evolve and grow.

Blockchain's importance in business is still in its early stages,and its applications and usage outside of logistics,banking and manufacturing are limited.Blockchain advancement services can contribute much more to the eLearning business than just cryptocurrencies for rewards and digital certificates.

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