The Importance of Addressing Current Digital Concerns Before Designing The Future Metaverse

When people talk about the metaverse, they refer to it in glowing terms, as though it’s a digital utopia just waiting around the corner. It’s essential to bring the conversation back down to earth and be realistic about the challenges in metaverse development and implementation and obstacles that must be overcome before it can truly become an accessible and feasible platform.

While it’s true that new developments in hardware and software present many innovative possibilities for creating virtual environments, certain things must be dealt with before practical application in education, science and other fields.

Three Primary Obstacles on the Road to the Metaverse

Technological innovation has continued to move forward in recent years despite various adverse factors. The metaverse is only one of these new developments, but it is a potential game-changer. However, caution must be exercised and key factors considered before full-scale implementation.

Trust and Security

Talking to someone in the metaverse could mean talking to a friend or a colleague. Still, it could just as easily be a malicious actor attempting to commit fraud or obtain personal information. Metaverse users need a way of knowing that people are who they claim to be and that their data is secure.

Equitable Access

For the metaverse to be truly beneficial, it should be equally accessible to everyone so everyone can take advantage of its benefits. One reason why we need metaverse technology is to interact directly with people, usually separated by geography. Many parts of the world are without internet access or have sub-par access. Suppose we wish to benefit from intellectual resources in those areas or share knowledge with them. In that case, the citizens of those regions need the right technology so that access to the metaverse is not only within their reach but worthwhile.

Capacity and Bandwidth

The metaverse isn’t something that should remain a tightly controlled resource in the hands of a few with the technology to support it. The potential benefits of metaverse are too considerable to be out of bounds for people who don’t have the technology to support it due to forces beyond their control. Until more communities and companies can meaningfully step into the metaverse, it cannot be the global phenomenon it purported to be.

The Metaverse Requires True Innovation to Become Reality

When it enters wide use, the metaverse will greatly impact people’s personal and professional lives. It will be a way to conduct business, process payments and express oneself artistically and in other ways.

As much promise as the metaverse holds, it can’t happen or reach its full potential without a serious commitment to overcoming the challenges mentioned above. It not only needs the right hardware and software infrastructure but the right approach to the human element and ensuring it is safe and accessible for as many users as possible.

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