Unity to be the new engine of the metaverse era

Date: Oct 25, 2022

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Abstract: Game engine giant Unity is also providing solutions such as smart cockpits for 14 automakers including Weilai, Xiaopeng, and Ideal, as well as digital twin solutions for Hong Kong Airport, Beijing Urban Construction, and Haier Kaos. The real-time 3D engine will also be the core support of the metaverse era.

The 2022 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC), the annual event in the field of AI, has recently concluded successfully. More than 1,200 participants in the global AI field have provided forward-looking insights on their respective sub-fields, and shared insights from cutting-edge research institutes. Analysis of cutting-edge ideas.

The most impressive thing for the exhibitors is to enter the main gate of the WAIC conference, the most conspicuous and core position in the center of the hall. The assembly exhibition area with the theme of Metaverse brings together the technology products developed and launched by various companies based on the concept of Metaverse. with application. Among them, as an essential real-time 3D engine for building the future metaverse world, Unity was also invited to deeply participate in WAIC, expounding the vision of combining real-time 3D technology and AI, and how to use AI technology to lay out the new journey of the metaverse.

At the opening ceremony on September 1, Unity CEO John Riccitiello was invited to give a speech. He pointed out that Unity+AI has helped industries, automobiles and other fields to take the lead in entering the metaverse era. Using Unity to create digital twins for real-world scenarios and generate massive amounts of synthetic data provides an ideal evolutionary training place for AI. The more realistic the digital twin and the richer the synthetic data, the smarter the AI ​​will be. Everything that happens in the virtual world today can be infinitely matched with the real world. Unity+AI makes the whole world reduce costs and increase efficiency through this virtual and real interaction.

During the same period, Zhang Junbo, President and CEO of Unity China, delivered forward-looking speeches at the "Dishui Lake AI Technology Night Talk" forum and the "'Digital Intelligence Interconnection, Innovation Kaiyuan' New Industry Track" forum. He believes that due to the high technical threshold and capital cost, it is difficult to achieve large-scale production of digital assets, thus hindering the arrival of the metaverse era. And AI technology is the key to leading the productivity revolution in the metaverse era.

Unity is integrating AI technology into existing creative processes, not only to simplify the production process of characters, scenes and items in the Metaverse, but also to provide revolutionary acceleration for the Metaverse in both interaction design and behavior simulation. Based on the AI-powered Unity creation tool, companies can not only create digital assets in a more intelligent and larger scale in the style of the Metaverse, but also allow these digital assets to interact with real people in a way that is closer to the real world. In the future, Unity will continue to pay attention to cutting-edge AI technology, train the engine as an extension of the creator's brain, and further reduce the technical threshold for digital asset development, thereby reducing development costs by a cliff.

At the same time, Unity also presented a number of sub-forums at the WAIC conference.

At the "'Metaverse' Game·AI·Metaverse" summit forum, Xiao Beibei, general manager of Unity's China business, gave a speech entitled "Unity's Real-Time Rendering Technology Helps Build a New Metaverse Ecology", explaining Unity to the guests. It will combine cloud and distributed rendering technologies to establish a new workflow for the Metaverse.

Li Pengpeng, the technical manager of Unity China platform, expressed his views on the topic of "The Way to Crack the Knot of Metaverse Gerdios" in the roundtable forum of the "Metaverse Technology Exploration Summit", and explained why Unity can be the leader in building the Metaverse. sharp edge.

Ding Yongjun, Director of Education Cooperation and Marketing of Unity China, explained Unity's production-university-research integration strategy in depth with the title of "Cultivating Unity Application-oriented Talents and Promoting Metaverse Content Creation" in the subsequent Metaverse Content Ecological Construction Conference.

In addition to the voice in the main venue and various forums, Unity also created a "cloud version of WAIC" for this event, so that audiences who cannot be present can also watch the exhibition online through any terminal. In the outfield, the Unity HMI solution visually demonstrated the next-generation in-vehicle HMI design, which was also selected as the treasure of WAIC's town hall.

Unity HMI effect display

The real-time 3D engine is a powerful tool in this era. By combining with AI, it will become a powerful tool for creating the metaverse world. As a leading company in the industry, Unity is committed to using technological progress to promote the synchronization of reality and reality in all walks of life. Together with companies, industry associations and all creators, Unity will go far and explore the vastness of the Metaverse.

Game developers know that Unity China is a joint venture in China of Unity (NYSE: U), the world's leading interactive real-time 3D content creation and operation platform, and is the exclusive distributor of Unity's global products and services in China. However, in addition to game development, Unity's technology and solutions have now been widely used in automobile manufacturing, construction, industrial manufacturing, consumer culture and tourism, film and television entertainment and other fields. By the end of 2021, 72% of the world's top 1000 mobile games are made with Unity. The world's top ten auto OEMs, as well as 14 domestic automakers including Weilai, Xiaopeng, and Ideal, are using solutions such as smart cockpits provided by Unity. Unity's digital twin solutions have been applied to many projects such as Hong Kong Airport, Beijing Urban Construction, and Haier Kaos.

In the future, Unity China will continue to increase investment in research and development, and is committed to building China's local digital productivity tools that adapt to various domestic software and hardware platforms, enriching AR, VR, MR and digital twin experiences supported by real-time graphics rendering technology, enabling To ensure the safe, stable and healthy development of China's digital economy.

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