Robust F.T. - New and upgraded version of ZStack

Date: Oct 25, 2022

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Abstract: ZStack new product online super conference with the theme of "robust F.T.+ new bare metal new IaaS under new infrastructure" detonated the enterprise cloud market. Facing the opportunity of new infrastructure development, ZStack, which is committed to inclusive cloud computing, has joined hands with partners such as Intel and Alibaba Cloud to release 2 major new products: the first ZStack Mini hyper-converged integrated machine (referred to as: ZStack Mini) using F.T. technology, And the first private cloud with new bare metal technology!

The robust F.T. and new bare metal released this time are both upgrades and enhancements of ZStack around the IaaS field, including:

Robust F.T. - 0 transformation of traditional applications, 0 business interruption, ZStack Mini with F.T. function, making the business more robust!

New bare metal - the main function of ZStack Xinchuang cloud platform, the performance is more enhanced, the use is more convenient, and it is suitable for any domestic hardware!

ZStack, equipped with F.T. and new bare metal technology, will comprehensively help the rapid transformation of traditional IT applications into new infrastructure applications, bringing good news to China's digital economy construction!

The conference innovatively planned three major chapters: continuation of the past, the beginning of the future, and the live broadcast show. The conference kicked off with the "Riding the Wind and Waves" promotional video and the speech of the partners of E-surfing Cloud, inviting partners and benchmark customers such as Intel, Alibaba Cloud, and AAC Technology. Representatives reviewed the past and looked forward to the future together; at the same time, the conference invited authoritative experts from the Academy of Information and Communications Technology to interpret the latest research results of cloud computing in the new infrastructure era, and there was an on-site unboxing demonstration of the ZStack Mini F.T. function. Not only that, the press conference also specially invited 2B celebrities, Xiu Tian Tuan, to support the group endorsement, and use a unique live show to fully demonstrate the unique charm of the productized cloud platform under the wave of new infrastructure! The conference attracted more than 100,000 views on mainstream video platforms such as, ZAKER, IT Big Guy Said, and Station B, setting off a new trend in the enterprise-level cloud market!

Chapter 1: Inheritance

The advantages of productization are obvious, and the revenue shows a double-speed expansion

In the theme of ZStack's annual review and outlook, Xiao Fang, ZStack's partner and vice president of sales, said that in 2019, ZStack continued to expand and expand around IaaS, and released two new products, "ZStack Mini" and "ZStack CMP", and released "OEM" , "Certification", "Integration" partner strategy. In the same year, it completed the compatibility and adaptation of mainstream domestic chips and operating systems in the fastest and most complete way, focusing on the pan-government field, and carrying the core production system of the national economy and people's livelihood.

Relying on the advantages of productization and the strong help of partners:

ZStack has accumulated more than 1,200 commercial customers! Revenue tripled in 2019, 95% of customers delivered through partners!

Establish a general agent distribution model, add 100 core and authorized partners, and have more than 4,500 certified partners!

Nine industry benchmark cases have been output, and integrated solutions for government, finance, education, medical care, transportation, electricity, manufacturing, new retail, and IDC have been launched one after another!

Xiao Fang emphasized that the positioning of ZStack has always focused on the IaaS layer products of cloud platforms, and provides cloud platform construction services through partners. In the future, ZStack will continue to empower more partners, so that all partners have the ability to build clouds, work with partners to integrate more complete cloud solutions, and jointly help customers build more cloud infrastructure, so that every enterprise has its own cloud!

ZStack Partner & Vice President of Sales Xiao Fang

Intel + ZStack, a private cloud that allows users to serve "never downtime"

Liu Yang, Channel Marketing Manager of Intel Data Center Group, and Dong Yaozu, Senior Chief Engineer of Intel Asia Pacific R&D Co., Ltd., sent a message to partners on behalf of Intel, and shared the original intention of Intel and ZStack to introduce F.T. technology. The cooperation between Intel and ZStack has a long history. Faced with the needs of digital economy construction under the new infrastructure, Intel and ZStack have deepened their cooperation to jointly solve typical problems faced by enterprises in the process of building private clouds, such as high construction costs, high operating costs, and unsustainable business. Sustainability, etc., and work together to lower the threshold of cloud computing with excellent products.

This new product release is a collaboration between Intel and ZStack to bring F.T. technology to the private cloud field and bring it to customers in various industries. I believe that this cooperation will surely collide with new sparks in private cloud, hybrid cloud, edge computing and other fields! Intel also looks forward to continuing to cooperate closely with ZStack in the future, to seize the wave of new infrastructure, so that Chinese enterprises can obtain reliable and efficient FT/HA technology in digital construction, so that user services "never downtime"!

Alibaba Cloud + ZStack, a sustainable agile version of proprietary cloud
Wo Ke, senior product expert of Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Hybrid Cloud, was invited to give a keynote speech on "Alibaba Cloud Hybrid Cloud Agile Edition and ZStack Cooperation Practice". Wo Ke said that Alibaba Cloud has always been optimistic about the domestic private cloud market, and Alibaba Cloud made strategic investments as early as 2017. ZStack, together to launch the industry's first "seamless hybrid cloud" - ZStack for Alibaba Cloud. In 2018, Alibaba Cloud Ma Jin once said that ZStack for Alibaba Cloud constitutes a key puzzle piece of Alibaba Cloud in the layout of public cloud, proprietary cloud and hybrid cloud. In the same year, ZStack was also the first member of the Alibaba Cloud Proprietary Cloud Agile Edition family. In 2019, Alibaba Cloud continued to deepen cooperation with ZStack and actively supported the adaptation of domestic chips and servers.

In the speech, Wo Ke shared the key cooperation between Alibaba Cloud Proprietary Cloud Agile Edition and ZStack for the guests:

1. Lightweight IaaS: a miniaturized proprietary cloud platform, delivering efficiency-enhancing software deployment cycle < 1 week;

2. Scenario: Combine with the agile version to jointly create industry scenarios;

3. Consistency: ZStack provides a one-key association with Alibaba Cloud compatible interface applications;

4. Evolvable: ZStack and Alibaba Cloud can evolve continuously. As lightweight IaaS, they are equipped with more PaaS and SaaS.

At the same time, the unified management console of Alibaba Cloud's proprietary cloud is integrated with ZStack, which supports multiple forms, realizes unified management of resources and services of proprietary cloud and public cloud, and provides a consistent management experience.

Alibaba Cloud Intelligent Hybrid Cloud Senior Product Expert
AAC+ZStack, Hybrid Cloud Platform Helps Smart Manufacturing
The wave of new infrastructure is surging, my country's digital economy construction is about to enter a new era, and the field of intelligent manufacturing will also usher in major development opportunities. Founded in 1993, AAC Technology has all core technologies in the fields of acoustics, optics, electromagnetic transmission, and high-speed transmission, and is the world's leading provider of intelligent equipment solutions.

Mao Xiaoyu, senior manager of data center of AAC Technologies, shared the practice of enterprise cloud migration as a representative of ZStack's benchmark customers in the manufacturing field. Mao Xiaoyu said that for manufacturing enterprises, the production business has higher and higher requirements for the continuity, security, and IT efficiency of the production information system, especially the production system must have high availability guarantees and can be restored in time in the event of a failure.

When it comes to the practice of AAC Technology's cloud migration, Mao Xiaoyu said that in the early stage of AAC Technology, more consideration was given to the technical level, and less consideration was given to the business itself. In 2018, based on business needs, AAC Technology re-examined the problems encountered in the construction of enterprise private cloud, and built a hybrid cloud platform based on ZStack+Alibaba Cloud, which carries AAC Technology's production and manufacturing system. The operation is stable enough, safe, efficient, and reliable. Simple! It is hoped that on the road of future development, AAC Technology and ZStack will continue to work together to create the future.

Chapter 2: The Beginning
New infrastructure speeds up and shifts gears, cloud computing ushered in a new round of growth
The new infrastructure has merits in the present and long-term benefits. With the new infrastructure as the traction, it will consolidate the foundation and cornerstone of high-quality economic and social development. It is important for igniting the new engine of industrial power during the "14th Five-Year Plan", assisting the development of the digital economy, and building a smart and harmonious society. significance. Li Wei, director of the Cloud Computing Department of the Cloud University Institute of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, said in his keynote speech "Cloud computing under new infrastructure becomes the technical foundation for digital transformation of enterprises" that new infrastructure was proposed as early as 2018, and now the epidemic has stimulated "new infrastructure". "Speeding up and shifting gears, under the epidemic, the digitalization process of enterprises has accelerated, and cloud computing is urgently needed to provide computing power support, which will surely drive a new round of growth in infrastructure as a service.

In the speech, Li Wei fully affirmed the role of cloud computing in the process of epidemic prevention and control. She said that with the advancement of digital transformation in the future, on the one hand, cloud computing will continue to provide platform-level capability support for new technologies, artificial intelligence, blockchain The development of technology is inseparable from the powerful resource scheduling and computing power integration capabilities of cloud computing; on the other hand, the cloudification of network facilities and computing power infrastructure is the mainstream trend of technological evolution, and the integration with cloud computing will bring about the integration of network and computing power. Qualitative change provides new ideas.

Li Wei said that ZStack has been actively participating in the formulation of various cloud computing standards and product evaluation of the Institute of Information and Communications Technology, and expects that ZStack will seize the opportunities of new infrastructure construction in the future, continue to forge ahead, and provide an easy-to-use IaaS foundation for the digital construction of enterprises. seat.

The following are the white papers of the Academy of Information and Communications Technology that ZStack participated in writing: "White Paper on Nine Application Scenarios of Cloud Computing and Edge Computing Collaboration (2019)", "White Paper on Hybrid Cloud (2019)", "White Paper on Telecom Cloud (2019)", "White Paper on Telecom Cloud (2019)" Hybrid Cloud White Paper (2017)", "Open Source Governance White Paper (2018)", "Cloud-Network Integration Industry Development White Paper", etc.

Li Wei, Director of Cloud Computing Department, Cloud University, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology
Robust F.T.+ New Bare Metal Enhanced IaaS Accelerates New Infrastructure
In this epidemic, we have all felt the fruits of China's digital transformation in the past decade. Zhang Xin, founder and CEO of ZStack, mentioned in his keynote speech "New Functions to Accelerate New Infrastructure" that the epidemic has made us more believe in the power of digitalization. At the beginning of 2020, ZStack joined hands with partners to help build Zhengzhou "Xiaotangshan" Hospital, all 9 days. Completion, the cloud platform was launched within 9 hours, and the hybrid cloud deployment was adopted, and the public cloud could be switched at any time, which effectively demonstrated the speed of cloud computing in China's epidemic prevention and control!

Zhang Xin, founder and CEO of ZStack
At the same time, we also see that in the new infrastructure construction, we always pay attention to high-profile projects and selectively ignore the traditional IT requirements. Many applications in the traditional IT field face various difficulties in migrating to the cloud. How to make them go faster in the new infrastructure wave? Based on this, Zhang Xin made two major releases and interpretations of new products at the press conference:

Joint Intel launches ZStack Mini based on robust F.T. technology
Focusing on solving the business continuity problem of traditional applications, users can achieve zero business interruption without any transformation of the application to support disaster recovery. body application scenarios. Here, Zhang Xin would like to thank the Intel virtualization team!

Courtesy of the Intel Virtualization Team
First private cloud to introduce new bare metal technology
Brings the same flexibility as virtualization to physical machines, and supports two solutions: one hard and one soft: the hard solution adopts ZStack + Shenlong cloud server, allowing users to obtain the biggest innovation of the public cloud in the past 10 years in the private cloud, and now has 25 minutes The production practice of deploying 4,500 cloud instances; the soft solution is provided to customers with favorable old requirements through pure software technology, allowing customers' physical machines to directly use the storage and advanced network functions of the ZStack cloud platform!

Zhang Xin said: "It was my dream ten years ago to have a physical machine in the cloud with the same experience as a virtual machine. Now, ZStack has done it!" The new bare metal is mainly suitable for high-performance computing, traditional industries, the field of innovation, security Confidentiality and other customer scenarios. It is worth mentioning that the new bare metal, as the main function of the ZStack Xinchuang cloud platform, will be the ultimate solution compatible with all domestic hardware, which can greatly speed up the implementation of Xinchuang.

Zhang Xin, founder and CEO of ZStack
Zhang Xin said that many cases done by ZStack last year have been in line with the core idea of ​​new infrastructure. Both new products released this year are easily available through ZStack's unique one-click seamless upgrade feature! I believe that the upgraded ZStack can help more traditional applications and quickly become new infrastructure applications without transformation!

"Cloud spare tire" is here, first experience of ZStack Mini F.T. function
Zhang Guangbin and Zeng Zhiqiang from the E-enterprise Research Institute demonstrated the F.T. function of ZStack Mini live for the guests. Compared with the traditional HA high-availability switching, which takes several minutes, the ZStack Mini 3.0 version with the F.T. function was adopted, allowing the application host to be implemented between different physical nodes. Second-level switching greatly improves the business continuity of edge computing sites and small and medium-sized enterprises, and leads users to quickly enter the era of "cloud spare tire"! At the same time, new functions such as external FC-SAN storage, external hard disk backup, and application center added to ZStack Mini 3.0 were also demonstrated on site!

E Enterprise Research Institute Zhang Guangbin Zeng Zhiqiang
Chapter 3: Scenario Live Show
It is not uncommon to see live streaming of goods in the 2C field, so have you seen the live streaming of goods in the enterprise market? As the finale of the press conference, ZStack specially invited 2B celebrities to form a group endorsement. In the live show group, Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya from the 2B industry, based on the ZStack official website, demonstrated the only cloud platform that can be downloaded and installed in the industry and ZStack training system, at the same time, lucky guests were selected to send out the six-pulse sword in cloud computing "16 Types of Productization on the Cloud" and "How to Define VPC in the Context of Private Cloud"

In the second group of the live show, the big coffees started the fighting mode for everyone in football, table tennis, and boxing matches, and demonstrated ZStack's most well-known top3 feature - simple deployment, seamless upgrade, and second-level creation. The guests performed a different cloud experience.

This time, whether it is robust F.T. or new bare metal, the core is the continuation and deepening of the ZStack IaaS strategy. If we don't forget our original intention, we must always be there. Looking back on the past, we can go farther and more solidly. In the past five years, ZStack with 4S features has been adhering to the concept of inclusive cloud computing, and is committed to continuously lowering the threshold for cloud computing. For the past five years, ZStack's original intention has remained the same - rooted in the IaaS field, and constantly innovating around IaaS. Looking forward to the future, ZStack will closely follow the actual needs of customers in the era of new infrastructure, and make every effort to help traditional applications accelerate their transformation into applications under new infrastructure!

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