Modernizing Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure VMware

Date: Oct 25, 2022

In line with the development of the times, "digital transformation" has become the only way for enterprise development. As the core of digital transformation, applications can help companies provide customized digital experiences to customers and create new revenue streams. On the road of digital transformation, Chinese enterprises are not slow or even very fast. In the process, enterprises are gradually realizing application modernization, so as to fully embrace the potential of the cloud environment and help them to easily advance on the digital road.

As Dr. Li Ying, vice president of strategic development for VMware Greater China, said: "Enterprises no longer regard digital transformation as just a vision, but as an indispensable part of future life, and at the same time, it accelerates enterprises' digital transformation. Deeper understanding. VMware's vision coincides with this, which is to help enterprises build a digital platform in digital transformation, and help enterprises to create a platform for any cloud, any application, any A digital platform that can be used on any device.”

Dr. Ying Li, Vice President of Strategic Development, VMware Greater China

Under the wave of digitalization, enterprises face both opportunities and challenges. "How to transform to build modern applications while continuing to use existing applications?" "How to improve efficiency and multi-cloud portability with modern infrastructure?" At the same time, customers are faced with the challenge of enhancing operations and security while empowering developers to deliver better and faster software. To fully benefit from investments in modern applications, enterprises also need to modernize their infrastructure at the same time.

To that end, VMware, the world's leading enterprise software innovator, announced a comprehensive portfolio of products and services to help customers modernize their applications and infrastructures and usher in a signature new chapter for the company. With the most comprehensive software stack for modern applications, from infrastructure to application, VMware is uniquely able to support, guide customers in developing new modern applications, and modernize existing applications and infrastructure. Let's take a closer look at VMware's 2020 application modernization solution.

VMware Tanzu: Application Modernization Portfolio

VMware Tanzu is a portfolio of products and services that helps businesses deliver software faster and better. Customers can leverage the suite to automate application lifecycles, run Kubernetes across clouds, and unify and optimize multi-cloud operations. Today, VMware announced the first products in the VMware Tanzu portfolio:

VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid: Tanzu Kubernetes Grid is newly available as a Kubernetes runtime environment to help customers install and run multi-cluster Kubernetes environments on the infrastructure of their choice.
VMware Tanzu Mission Control: Released in technical preview in August 2019, Tanzu Mission Control is a centralized management platform that enables consistent operation and protection of Kubernetes infrastructure and modern applications across multiple teams and cloud environments.
VMware Tanzu Application Catalog: The newly available Tanzu Application Catalog provides a customized selection of open source software from the Bitnami Community Product Catalog, verified for safety, testing and maintenance for use in production environments.

In addition, VMware is further expanding the Tanzu product portfolio. The new features in the product portfolio will help enterprises further improve developer efficiency, comprehensively observe and monitor applications running in multi-cloud environments, including Kubernetes-based environments, simplify enterprise connectivity, Ways to monitor and secure microservices.

VMware Cloud Foundation 4: Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure for Modern Applications

VMware Cloud Foundation 4 with Tanzu will provide consistent management of virtual machine and container-based applications for hybrid cloud infrastructure, while delivering native security and lifecycle management across software-defined compute, storage and networking resources. The platform helps bridge the gap between developers and IT, enabling developers to quickly build and update applications, while providing control and security for IT operations. VMware Cloud Foundation 4 with Tanzu is now available across multiple private clouds and multiple mainstream public cloud environments.

VMware vSphere 7: Essential Services for the Modern Hybrid Cloud

VMware also released VMware vSphere 7 - the biggest evolution of vSphere in a decade. VMware vSphere 7 released Project Pacific technology preview in August 2019, focusing on refactoring vSphere as an open platform with Kubernetes APIs to provide developers and operators with a cloud-like experience. A foundational component of the VMware Tanzu portfolio, this new release will leverage any combination of virtual machines, containers and Kubernetes to support all applications, modern and traditional.

VMware vSphere 7 will further help enterprises improve developer and operations staff productivity, help accelerate innovation, and take into account the security, stability, governance and cost reduction of traditional enterprise infrastructure. New capabilities and features will help businesses continue to leverage their existing investments in vSphere technology, tools and skills.

Dr. Li Ying emphasized: "In the final analysis, through the combination of VMware Cloud Foundation, VMware vSphere 7 and the Tanzu family, VMware is now able to launch an overall end-to-end solution not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in the entire online enterprise of future applications. It is an end-to-end solution that helps enterprises build a platform for digital transformation that is really needed in the future. Being able to become the most important partner in digital transformation for future enterprises is a key point of today's VMware Tanzu solution."

Businesses reap the benefits of innovation thanks to VMware's modern solutions

At Airbus Defence and Space, a shared passion for progress unites all employees to find a better way to connect, protect and support everyone in the world. In this regard, success is based on intelligent innovation, but also on hard work and tenacity. It's all about making our world a safer place for everyone. To support the infrastructure of satellite ground systems, the Tanzu Application Catalog provides engineers with a world-class application runtime platform that accelerates innovation while improving security. Olivier Lagarde, who leads the IT technology architecture strategy for satellite ground systems at Airbus Defence and Space, said: "We are delighted to work with VMware to create a protected and trusted ecosystem that allows our teams to focus on further business. demand."

DBS Chief Information Officer Jimmy Ng said: "As the world's preeminent digital bank, DBS aims to be a technology company that provides financial services. Achieving this goal requires a significant investment in the latest technology solutions. In the process of exploring , we found that VMware provided us with two very attractive value propositions. One was to help us meet the challenges of managing containers and Kubernetes at scale with technologies like vSphere 7 with Kubernetes and VMware Tanzu Mission Control. The second was to let us Access to modern application development expertise through VMware Tanzu and Pivotal Labs. As we continue to invest in cloud infrastructure and further refactor our applications to be cloud-ready to stay one step ahead of our customers, both are for us very important."

Thomas Squeo, CTO of Intrado, said: “As Intrado builds innovative new applications for customers serving communications and network infrastructure, we are building on VMware. VMware is a long-term partner that provides our application transformation and cloud native initiatives. Support. VMware Tanzu will give us the product portfolio to enable future breakthrough application and service delivery.”

Albert W. Alberts, Architect at KPN, said: “At KPN, to support our cloud-native application development efforts, we are looking for greater integration of our platform. Currently, many of our departments are running Kubernetes themselves. VMware vSphere for Kubernetes delivers all of our resources to our developers through a single platform, freeing them from all operational work.”

IT trends are changing rapidly. Facing such changes, enterprises must accelerate the process of digital transformation. In the process of realizing application modernization, they often encounter various problems and challenges. VMware will help enterprises turn challenges into opportunities on the road of digital transformation.

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