Roadmap for SAP Cloud Migration

Why is SAP migration to cloud? The opportunity to bring your SAP license, cut capital expenses, and monitor costs for a reduced total cost of ownership. Data analytics enables better, faster choices and more innovation. The ability to migrate to HANA on your own terms. Cloud migration necessitates meticulous preparation and strategy. What's the roadmap for SAP cloud migration? Customers have recently begun focused on developing fundamental business skills and investigating innovations in this domain with a lower cost of ownership.

This focuses on efficiently managing the IT infrastructure, which is not the main expertise of the customer team, followed by additional issues such as hardware obsolescence, licensing, data center departure, real estate, and so on.

The most prevalent question from business leaders is, "Why should we invest in hardware assets and acquire competence in managing such assets that are not our core competency and business KPIs?"

As the first milestone in the journey, optimizing TCO may be accomplished through various means, including SAP cloud migration and non-SAP workloads to public/private cloud and transformation projects (optional). One of the key areas for any customer is developing a plan to ensure that the SAP migration strategy runs smoothly and without disruption to operations.

In some cases, clients proactively plan in this approach even when their primary goal is not to transfer systems to the cloud. Such activities, however, are triggered by causes such as data center leave, hardware obsolescence, and so on.

Key success factors in any migration project include how effectively the entire methodology for the migration is developed, taking into account business/technical interdependence, system sequencing or wave planning, projects in the pipeline, and so on. The critical aspect here is to define the waves while keeping dependencies in mind and how many such waves are necessary to migrate the systems to the cloud. Non-SAP systems must be migrated alongside SAP systems tightly integrated with key SAP business systems.

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