Methods for Accelerating IT and Security Innovation Adoption

Innovation in IT and security technology has grown into a critical tool in every firm, assisting in maintaining a competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive market. It is also continually evolving, with new features and options arriving on a daily basis.

That is why, in an ever-increasingly complicated work environment, IT & Security must do more with significantly less: Despite constrained resources, HR instabilities, and a skill and consumption mismatch, they must manage internal and external challenges.

Some of these internal forces include:

• Multiple staff onboarding every day as the organization pursues speedy expansion
• SOC teams average 11,000 warnings per day, with no clear prioritizing or actionable details.
• Password assistance accounts for 80% of manual IT work and 20% to 50% of IT helpdesk requests.
• In 2021, the average organization will utilize 110 SaaS products, excluding shadow SaaS, which most employees acknowledge to using.
• Because of the requirement for quicker product launch, all IT and security procedures must operate in the background without causing interruptions or friction on development teams.

Consider the following external pressures:

• Expectations for web performance, when a 2-second delay in page load time leads to up to 87% abandonment rates
• The rising cost of downtime now averages $300,000 per hour.
• DDoS assaults and cyber breaches are becoming more common, all of which exploit the organization's infrastructural (insufficient observability) and behavioral (outdated authentication and susceptible passwords) flaws.

IT and Security Can do More with Less Because of Innovation

Adopting new security and IT innovative technology aids in the optimization of procedures while also improving overall security.

Automation, for example, may save time and speed up response times to warnings. Through unparalleled data input capacity, innovative monitoring tools may identify possible issues before they occur. Cutting-edge cost optimization technologies and approaches may estimate infrastructure expenditures with high accuracy and give insights on how to minimize them.

Implementing innovation in IT may also aid in the retention of IT professionals, with 73% of tech executives concerned about losing IT employees as a result of their IT infrastructure. Employees share this fear, with 40% admitting that they do not want to continue with their present employment in 2022.

As a result, the issue remains: How can businesses accelerate the adoption of IT and security innovation?

Ways to Boost Innovation in Security and IT

Although technology developments are essential in business, implementing them can be time-consuming and difficult. Organizations will have the best chance of successful integration if the adoption process is streamlined and all team members are on board at all times.

This is how you do it:

Prioritize by Benefits

The first stage in any technology adoption plan is to research the products you want to employ and ensure that you select the best one for your company's needs. Set priorities based on your company's needs and possible rewards.  

Determine Who is in Charge of the Process

Project management is crucial in the implementation of the innovation process. Without a properly defined project management hierarchy, projects are prone to bouncing back and forth between the approval and feedback stages.

As a result, it is prudent to select whether to carry out the procedure in-house or to collaborate with a third party.

Continue Your Education

Employees should be taught best practices for technology and fundamental functioning, just as they should be with any new technology. They should know the most important components of technology to get started.

Consider the following suggestions as you strive to stay educated:

• Select essential sources and topics to follow: Following certain sources and subjects help team members to have a thorough awareness of the most important information for your company.
• Maintain a weekly innovation hour: Keeping a weekly innovation hour helps all team members stay updated on the newest advances. This also gives a fixed period for conversations on topics that can be solved through innovation.
• Do not be afraid to discuss how it (really) works: Acquiring a grasp of the real architecture and delivering your assessed solution may take some time and may be humiliating if you have knowledge gaps. Nonetheless, ensuring that this solution is compatible with your existing environment and business objectives is critical.

Following the launch, training will be required on a regular basis as the technology adjusts to the changing business context.

Attempt to Reduce Waste and Consumption Gaps

When new software or a feature update is implemented, IT teams must appropriately communicate it to all concerned individuals inside the firm. Employees who are skeptical of the changes, often those in the lagging group, will be persuaded to accept it sooner than they would otherwise. Encourage them to ask questions and discuss their struggles so that you can plan ahead of time to avoid consumption gaps.

Consider the following suggestions:

• For example, a cloud security data platform may consolidate your open source security, cloud monitoring, container security, and k8 security into a single solution.

• Look for a technology partner who adheres to a prescribed support standard: Prescriptive assistance guides customers on how to properly utilize all product features and capabilities of the solutions they employ. It all comes down to obtaining your money's worth since the solution is more likely to deliver on its promises.

Think About Hiring a Third Party to Help with Implementation

Implementation problems, such as training, configuration, and integration, are cited as key Consumption Gap caused by 84% of security leaders.

A varied team of professionals from a third-party technological partner addresses this issue. With a vast knowledge of upcoming software, applications, and technology that may fuel your business, finding the perfect third-party partner is like landing that jackpot. Download the eBook option at the bottom of this post for the implementation help you deserve.

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