How 5G Technology Can Benefit Developers

For developers, 5G technology will open up new use cases across various industries and societies. Sophisticated pipeline monitoring applications will enable massive machine-type communications (MMTC) for billions of devices. It will aid in the resolution of mission-vital use cases requiring URLLC, like smart cities, where VR and AR-enabled video devices aid in improving safety and security. It will also use enhanced mobile broadband (EMBB) to allow thousands of sports fans in a crowded stadium to see the action on the field live on their smartphones at the same time.

Consider the apps that may be developed if the network was transformed from a bottleneck to an asset. If you could control and manage networking services with software rather than hardware and use the cloud everywhere. And if you could install a worldwide corporate system that could handle problems locally. To manage firm assets that respond to situations as disparate as a coal mine in Indonesia and a busy motorway in the Netherlands in near real-time.

5G Opportunity for Developers

Forward-thinking developers will be at the forefront of change with this new application. The possibility comes in combining ubiquitous computing and 5G technology, which will cause a new class of applications.

According to Analysys Mason, a management consulting firm, cumulative six-year enterprise investment on business applications that need 5G technology will exceed $20 billion USD between 2022 and 2027, expanding at a compound annual growth rate of 75%. (CAGR).

This is the cloud's future and vision for 5G, and it will alter not only how we interact with programs but also how they are constructed. Developers may now use new 5G technology and multi-access edge computing (MEC) technologies to bring computing closer to the challenges at hand. Network APIs will be critical in this transition. Network APIs will be used as a control plane by developers to make the greatest use of available infrastructure and the network. This will provide developers more control over application speed and aid enhance user experience—as well as assist them in transitioning from a single use case paradigm to a write-once, run everywhere ability to scale.

However, developing applications for 5G technology is still a new field, and gaining access to the potential is akin to trying to enter a building with no door. Anyone attempting to enter faces a slew of complications, including a diverse set of standards, many suppliers and operators, and a plethora of network configurations.

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