Getting Developers Ready for Cloud Modernization in 5 Steps

Companies all around the world have realized the cloud modernization benefits and the necessity of moving applications to the cloud in order to maintain corporate competitiveness. Modernizing applications helps better align them with present and future business needs. You can increase your ability to innovate, enhance security, expand to meet demand, control costs, and more quickly deliver rich and coherent client experiences any place in the world by moving enterprise apps to the cloud.

Knowing how to prepare developers for cloud modernization is among the most crucial aspects of this project, and knowing where to start is one of the trickiest aspects. Best-in-class developer tools are the main factor driving corporate performance, according to a study by Developer Velocity. Companies that foster the right environment—by giving developers powerful tools and eliminating obstacles to innovation—have developer satisfaction and retention rates that are 47 percent higher than those in the lowest Developer Velocity quartile. Along with the technologies and tools you need to migrate to the cloud, many businesses also offer extensive development assistance for cloud modernization.

In this post, we’ll go over technical documents, learning resources, and step-by-step instructions to assist you to develop the abilities and plan required to successfully modernize your apps.

Here are the first five steps you should do to get ready for cloud modernization:

Observe How Application Migration is Conducted

Early efforts at app modernization frequently center on moving current, on-premises apps to the cloud. You must evaluate the application for all dependencies that may affect it and whether it will be successfully transferred to the cloud without being modified once the business case for doing so has been established. A migration assistant walks you through the assessment in the instance of App Service. The migration is then carried out by the migration assistant if the assessment shows that the app can be moved.

Discover How to Move a Local Application to the Cloud

Experience is the best teacher when it comes to learning what it takes to migrate an application. Take a step-by-step online class, which also includes a hands-on lab, to understand how to migrate an on-premises web app to the cloud. It will walk you through the migration and post-migration processes. You’ll need to receive a thorough explanation of how to migrate your web application, from evaluation through post-migration chores, using a sandbox platform, and access to complimentary resources. Additionally, you should learn why the evaluation step is crucial, the kinds of issues it aims to spot, and what to do if issues are discovered. This course should be able to guide you through the migration procedure, explain the settings you’ll need to make, and get you ready for any further activities that could be required to get the web app up and running.

Create a Web Application in your Preferred Language

Another crucial step in being ready to switch to a cloud-first strategy is learning how to create cloud-native applications.

Assess the modernization Capability of your Web Applications

It’s time to start working on the process of evaluating and moving your web apps once you have a basic understanding of migrating and installing applications in the cloud. Perform a scan on your web app’s public URL using the free App Service migration tool. The tool will then send you a compliance analysis on the technologies your application utilizes and whether App Service properly supports them. The program will walk you through installing the migration assistant if it is compatible, helping automate migration with little to no code changes.

Get the App Migration Toolkit Now

You’re in a strong position to begin utilizing the entire range of developer support resources for cloud modernization now that you have a firm understanding of how to get ready for modernization. Get the tools you need to properly update your ASP.NET applications from scratch by downloading the App Migration Toolkit. The toolkit offers helpful direction and support to help you realize your ambitions for application modernization, from creating your business case through best practices and assistance with skill development.

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