Five Cloud Security Services Every Platform Should Offer

The following are five security features and corporate security management a cloud platform must deliver.

Data Security

The problem of most cloud platforms is that encryption only works if no one other than the authorized individuals can access the keys. How do you keep admins from obtaining your keys when they have all the control on a platform? Come with your own set of keys.

In this method, your key management system generates a key on site and is delivered to the provider's key management service. You can audit every key management activity, and the root keys never leave the bounds of the key management system. Any platform provider that cares about client data security should provide BYOK key management for data encryption for storage, transmission, and container images.

Intelligence and Visibility

You may anticipate complete visibility over all of your cloud-based workloads, microservices, APIs, etc. Inquire about the presence of an integrated activity tracker that may record all access to the platform, services, and apps, including web and mobile access. Incorporating logs into your enterprise security information and event management (SIEM) system should be possible for your company.

Host and Networking Security

To keep the integrity of your network of cloud security services intact, these technologies are essential:

● Network firewalls and security groups are crucial for securing perimeters and establishing network security groups for access at the instance level.
● Trusted compute hosts – Cloud service providers can provide extremely secure hosts for executing your workloads if they sell hardware with load-verify-launch protocols.

DevSecOps and Security Service Application

Your DevOps team members need a mechanism to incorporate security checks without impeding business outcomes as they create cloud-native apps and deal with container technologies. As a result, they ought to check your container images for any vulnerability using an automated scanning method.

Identity and Access Management

Establishing who or what is communicating with a cloud platform should come first in each engagement, whether it is a user, service or administrator. Find providers who offer a standardized method to identify and verify anyone using cloud apps as part of their bundle of security services.

On cloud platforms, business success demands confidence in security services.

Organizations must demand that their providers develop trusted technology partnerships as they work to meet the unique security requirements of these platforms. Look for a well-defended platform environment that supports rapid application development without compromising security with the security guide.

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