Business Content Comprehension And How Artificial Intelligence Can Help

The large amounts of content at an organization's disposal provide challenges in terms of trying to extract insights, making sense of the data and identifying new opportunities. A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review (HBR) Analytic Services found that 82% of businesses found it difficult to explore and comprehend their content in a timely manner. Content is not only dispersed across several platforms but also comes in different file types, including PDF, images, spreadsheets, and audio, further complicating matters.

In the early days of Artificial Intelligence, developers focused on individual use cases, such as handwriting recognition. These models alone can't uncover all the nuances that exist in different forms of content. This implies that developers will have to painstakingly piece together different parts of the content to achieve a complete picture.

Businesses require a multi-modal approach to understanding all content, including visuals, audio, and language. Let's look at this new subfield of AI called "knowledge mining" and how it helps businesses extract the most value from the information they collect.

Knowledge Mining Artificial Intelligence in Business

Knowledge Mining is a game-changing AI technique that employs many AI services to extract meaningful insights from massive amounts of unstructured data.

With the use of Machine Learning, specialized bots can quickly sift through your unstructured data, identify patterns, draw conclusions, add metadata, and tag individual records for easy retrieval later on. These bots are faster and more efficient than manual mining. You get a repository of organized information from which you can retrieve the information you need by simply searching the tags.

Since the same AI bots are conducting the mining process, all information is sorted and organized consistently. Thus, it becomes easy to locate the information you need and can understand it with no effort. Everything is in order and easily accessible.

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