Benefit of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

What effects does artificial intelligence (AI) have on marketing, like making data-driven predictions and ML projects beginning to permeate every software?

We can observe how AI is changing every element of marketing thanks to our insight into the banking, telecoms and retail industries. This includes smarter online advertising purchases, the ability to predict what each client will purchase next, and an increase in the share of the wallet.

In Getting Smarter by the Day: How AI is boosting the capacities of international Organizations, it was found that about a third of large companies use artificial intelligence in marketing, including in the following areas:

Promoting buying via media, social media monitoring, tailoring promotions, dynamic pricing, and automating the in-store selling process are all ways to anticipate future customer purchases and present appropriate next-best offers.

For instance, Nestle uses robots at retail locations in Japan to ask customers about their coffee preferences and provide product information. Even better, the robots can read people's words and facial expressions to understand how they're feeling and adjust their responses accordingly.

Another area where AI can significantly impact online media buying, automating what is currently a labor-intensive and fraudulent process.

However, the customer experience is where we see the biggest promise for AI-enabled marketing. AI will fundamentally alter the customer experience across industries, allowing customers to engage with businesses and brands in novel and interesting ways. Digital Solutions platform, that incorporates AI into some of its applications can already see some of this transformation. It is now simpler for retail, banking, and telecom marketers to benefit from this cutting-edge capability. For instance,

• Banks that use AI will benefit from faster digitization and be able to offer customers cross-channel, targeted, on-time products and services.
• AI will assist telecommunication companies in predicting the purchases of their future customer and present them with the most relevant offers that strengthen their relationship.
• With the aid of AI, multi-channel merchants will be able to provide customers with a seamless brand experience that spans both the real and virtual worlds, uniting them in the eyes of the customer across all channels.

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