AI Face Recognition and Responsible Investments

The top priority of AI developing tech companies is to make sure they put the technology under development to good and responsible use. Despite developing six principles to guide the work in AI; accountability, transparency, fairness, non-discrimination, lawful surveillance, notice and consent, they identified AI face recognition technology as having unique risks and hence requiring its guiding principles. Far from that, biometric technologies and AI facial recognition are among the safest ways of authentication available because you can't lose your biometric indicators, i.e. fingerprints and face.

Adopting AI comes with many benefits, including; better customer experiences, an increase in the productivity of employees, data-driven decision making, and an increase in revenue.

How AI Works in Face Recognition

Recognition of faces uses ML and AI algorithms. It starts by identifying the eyes first, then the eyebrows, nose, nostrils, and mouth. Afterwards, large datasets containing both negative and positive images confirm whether it is a human face. Some common techniques used for facial recognition include appearance-based, feature-based, template matching, and knowledge-based. Feature-based techniques depend on features like the nose or eyes for face identification. The outcomes can vary depending on the amount of light and noise. A knowledge-based approach depends on predetermined rules, while template matching techniques relate images with formerly stored face patterns and tie in the findings to detect a face.

AI Face Recognition Future

During the Covid-19 pandemic, some industries had to adapt to the latest technology to prepare for the world's opening. The events industry was among the most affected industries. This led to event organizers coming up with new ways of managing events. Aiming at improving performance for inclusive AI, facial recognition is at the forefront in managing visitor access, experience, and safety.

In 2021, the automobile industry reported up to $6 billion lost to vehicle thefts. This created the need for reliable safety to ensure peace of mind for car owners. Facial recognition will add an extra layer of safety to stop car thefts.

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