Advantages Of Android Development 

Mobile devices are powered by a variety of operating systems today. Large corporations and independent developers have to decide on their target platforms in the initial stages of application development. Large companies with adequate financial resources are capable of developing for different platforms simultaneously. However, start-ups or small companies have to prioritize one platform over the others according to their budget and this may be the main difference between success and failure.

In the article below, we explain reasons why developers should consider android development first instead of windows or IOS.

Why Develop For Android?

Huge Market Share - This is the main reason independent developers should first consider android development. As stated by the International Data Corporation (IDC), Android shipped the highest number of smartphones dominating all other operating systems in the first third of 2015 with a market share of approximately 78%. In comparison, IOS, windows and blackberry had an estimated market share of approximately 25% combined. The margin is very wide, and this offers a large market for users and developers. When designing an application, it makes more sense to target an operating system that is common to the public.
High returns -The widespread agreement has forever been that the iPhone is used by more affluent users therefore, they are likely to purchase applications compared to android users. Despite this being true in the earlier years, research by DAU-UP shows that as of December 2014, the average revenue per user for android was at a staggering 65% compared to 20% in January of the same year. Android also has the advantage of offering free applications, but with ads which also generate income for the developers. Advertisement costs are also lower for android devices which makes it easier to market a new application.
Low entry requirements - IOS developers must use a MacBook to develop applications but for android, you can use windows, Linux or mac. Registration for the Apple app store costs a yearly fee of $99 whereas, the Google Play Store requires an initial payment of $25 paid only once. This makes it easier to release android applications.
Java - Java is among the most powerful programming languages and it is used over a wide variety of operating systems and devices. If you can code in java, you have the ability to code for different operating systems including Windows and Linux. However, developing for IOS devices requires skills in Swift or Objective C which are only used in Apple development. These languages cannot be used in other operating systems. This makes it easier to develop apps for android rather than IOS.
Google Play Store - Applications in the Google Play Store are accessible for download in a very short period of time while Apple's App store may take weeks for an application to be available for download. Updates can be done several times in a single day on the Google play store when complaints are raised by users but in the App store, the process of fixing bugs is lengthy. New apps that may need constant refinement and updates work best in the Play Store. Additionally, the Play Store allows beta releases for app testing by a small selected group. This enables early feedback and contributes to adding value to an app before the app becomes fully public.

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