7 Flutter Blockbuster Open Source Projects

Now the development of cross-platform development technology is in full swing, and the two heroes in cross-platform are ReactNative and Flutter. The current development of Flutter launched by Google can be said to be booming, and there is a tendency to unify the development of all sides. In this way, we have organized a high-quality Flutter open source project to help everyone learn Flutter development.

1. Flutter imitates Ctrip App

(1) Application screenshot:
(2) Implement functions and features

Realize the four modules of home page, search, travel photography, and me;
Implement local caching of network images;
The travel photography module realizes the waterfall flow layout;
Interface data capture Ctrip H5 end;
Integrate Umeng statistics;

(3) Project structure:
(4) Project address:

2. Flutter imitating Weibo client

(1) Application screenshot:
(2) Realize the function:
Imitation of the latest version of Weibo, restoring 80% of the interface of Weibo, involving dozens of interfaces and interfaces in total, using most of the components in flutter
Divided into Home Videos Discovery News My five modules
(3) Dependency:

(4) Project address:
Github address:

3. Flutter imitation Douyin App

(1) Application screenshot:
(2) Realize the function:

Swipe the video up and down, the video will automatically load the cover
Swipe left or right to search and personal center
Double click to like the love
see comments
Toggle Bottom Tabbar

(3) Project structure:
# Load the animation library (it seems that it is not used after the revision)
flutter_spinkit: ^4.1.2
# Bilibili open source video playback component
fijkplayer: ^0.8.3
# Basic transparent animation click effect
tapped: any
# map safe value
safemap: any
Main files:

(4) Project address:

GitHub repository address

4. Flutter imitation fighting fish App

(1) Application screenshot: iOSAndroid
(2) Realize the function:

Login (using osc account)
View information (you can view it without logging in)
View, reply, post, comment moving (requires login)
Move the little black house (requires login)
The functions of the "discovery" part are basically implemented with H5
News list, moving list, comment list support pull-down refresh or paging loading
Support theme switching (the entry is in the sliding menu-settings-switching themes)
The picture preview in the motion has not been implemented yet
Shake it, the "My" page function has not been completed for the time being

(3) Project address:

6. Flutter imitation Douban client app

(1) Application screenshot:
2) Implement the function:
Home pages/home
homo_app_bar.dart homepage navigation header
home_page.dart Home
my_home_tab_bar.dart home tab
book video pages/movie
book_audio_video_page.dart book video page
detail_page.dart Movie, TV detail page
person_detail_page.dart Actor page introduction
group pages/group
Market shop_page.dart
The data of the bazaar uses two webviews
my page/person

(3) Project address:

7. Xianyu technology practice open source

It is relatively early for Alibaba's Xianyu technical team to conduct Flutter technology research in China. Now, many modules in Xianyu APP are developed using Flutter, and many technical frameworks and corresponding technical documents are also open-sourced. Last year, the Xianyu team released the e-book "Flutter in action", summarizing the practical experience in the development of the Xianyu APP, and now they are thinking, innovative and reorganizing the upgraded version of the document, and released the "Flutter Technology Analysis and Practice".

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