Assembled application development based on cloud smart

Introduction: This article will introduce what is assembly application development, and the practical experience of implementing assembly development based on Alibaba Cloud Yunqiao in the government affairs industry.

1. Background

In recent years, in the ever-changing business environment of enterprises, the new requirements of rapid iteration will guide enterprises to change their development methods, and then turn to the use of technical architectures that support fast, safe and efficient. Assembled applications have become an important strategic technology trend for enterprises . Assembled applications introduce the concept of modularity, enabling enterprises to reuse capability modules more agilely and effectively, improving business resilience and efficiency.

2. Introduction of assembled application

2.1 What is an assembled application

Assembled applications are composed of business-focused modular components, making it easier to use and reuse code, accelerating time-to-market for new software solutions and unlocking enterprise value.

2.2 Assembled application prospects

The 2021 Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo 2021 Americas Summit was held. At the meeting, the well-known research agency Gartner released the twelve important strategic technology trends that enterprises need to explore in 2022, including assembled applications procedures; in an ever-changing business environment, business adaptability requirements can steer an enterprise toward a technology architecture that supports rapid, secure, and efficient application of change. Composable application architectures enhance this adaptability, and organizations that adopt a composable approach will implement new capabilities 80 percent faster than the competition.

“In turbulent times, composable business principles can help organizations navigate the accelerating changes critical to business resilience and growth. Modern organizations without it risk losing momentum in the marketplace and customer loyalty.” Groombridge express.

In July 2022, after intensive communication in the early stage, the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology officially launched the "Foundation Plan - Assembled Application Development Platform Series Standard Development". Five standard dimensions of the assembled application development platform are determined, including general capability requirements, performance requirements, security requirements, adaptation capability requirements, and code self-research capability requirements.

3. How to realize assembleable application development

For example: For example, if we want to assemble a car, what conditions do we need to have?

We can imagine that we need a suitable assembly environment, such as an assembly workshop, with all the tools in the workshop;

Then we need the drawings of the car;

Then we need all the parts of the car;

Finally, our engineers use various tools in the workshop, and use various parts to assemble a car according to the drawings.

In fact, our application development is similar to this:

1. Assembly environment, including various tools and application development platforms. car-like assembly workshops;

2. Project design documents, drawings similar to cars;

3. Various standardized business components, similar to car parts;

Then our engineers use various tools of the assembly environment, code according to the project design document, and use various standardized business components to assemble a complete application.

3.1 Assembly environment

The assembly environment, which I think should contain various tools and platforms for application development;

1. Tools, currently we have various and various tools for application development, such as IDEA, eclipse, etc. for java development; Visual studio Code, WebStorm, hbuilder, etc. for front-end development; Axure RP, ink knife, etc. for product design; At present, the functions of the tools are relatively complete and sound, which can meet our daily development needs, so the choice of tools is not a problem for us.

2. There are many types of application development platforms on the market, and they adapt to different scenarios. At present, major factories have their own tools. Therefore, for most enterprises or developers, it will be a bit difficult to choose. Here I recommend it, Alibaba Cloud's "Yun Qiao";

Yunqiao is a team of Alibaba Cloud's global technical service department. Based on the concept of assembly delivery, it proposes solutions for customized development and delivery.

3.2 Project Design Documentation

When the various components of our project are standardized, our project design documents are not important, how our various components are connected, how to use, and how capable they are. There is also how our project architecture is, which business components are selected, and what are their functions. Various other design documents are also included. Good project design documents can reduce unnecessary rework and communication costs.

Yunqiao also provides standardized component documents, so that we can understand the functions of related components; at the same time, it also provides the function of blueprint drawing and formulates Yunqiao component standards

3.3 Standardized business components

In how to realize the assembled application, Gartner proposed the concept of "Packaged Business Capability" (PBC for short) as the core of the assembled application. Another way of understanding PBC is the standardized business components.

There are roughly two requirements for the literal parsing of standardized business components:

1. is a component;

2. Standardization;

It is a component, this is a basic requirement, and then we usually require our components, which can be assembled and reused. Standardization, there is currently no unified standard on the market, and major manufacturers have their own standards. And Yunqiao has also developed its own Yunqiao ACCORD standard. Yunqiao introduced that a qualified PBC needs to have the characteristics of Modularity, Autonomy, Discoverable, and Orchestrated.

As the core of assembled applications, PBC has also launched an asset market to facilitate the precipitation and discovery of various components;

Through the analysis of the above conditions, Yunqiao currently has all the conditions we need to implement the development of assembled applications. Next, we will use Yunqiao to implement a project.

4. Practice a government background management system based on cloud cleverness
4.1 Business Background
The e-government system is generally composed of multiple complex systems, which may involve the management, acceptance, approval and other businesses of multiple matters in multiple departments in a certain region, and each business is independent of each other.

4.2 Business Features

1. The business is complex, the integration requirements are high, and the adaptability is strong;

2. The business of each item needs to have some general capabilities, and the general requirements are strong;

4.3 List of selected components

List of basic components:

1. Interface unified function library: provides the basic support functions required by the project in the project development;

2. React scaffolding KOI: Based on Umi core, standard R&D process, unified R&D specifications, and best practices for delivering projects;

3. Yunqiao middleware encapsulation library all-in-one non-ark version: In order to serve Alibaba Cloud delivery scenarios and precipitate repetitive components, we summarize the common methods of middleware (Alibaba Cloud ons, oss and cache) in multiple delivery projects. The package is convenient for the first-line R&D students to use it directly.

4. Code generation plug-in: IDEA plug-in that automatically generates crud front-end and back-end code according to database schema;

5. Multi-language support library: Some international delivery projects need to implement multi-language implementation of front-end pages and pop-up windows. As more projects are delivered, the number of projects with this need is also growing. For the Java language, the implementation of multiple languages ​​is basically the same, so a unified set of implementation is required;

6. General distributed scheduling library: general distributed task scheduling package SDK;

List of business components:

1. Operation audit log library: Simple and flexible operation data collection is realized in the form of annotations, which is convenient for quick access and expansion in subsequent projects;

2. Yunqiao 4A unified security control components: Authentication, Authorization, Account, and Audit. Yunqiao 4A unified security management and control component realizes the centralized management of natural persons, resources and resource accounts, improves system security and manageability, and realizes a visual, controllable and credible security management system.

3. Cloud Smart Message Component: Provides unified message sending capability for application system groups. Supports multiple message types (including App push, email, SMS, DingTalk work notification), and supports further expansion.

4. Yunqiao process component: It is easy to start and quickly build the internal process of the enterprise through the interactive method of dragging and dropping on the page. Closed-loop management of end-to-end business processes to support business space isolation. The approval page supports mobile adaptation.

5. Yunqiao form component: general form component, providing the ability to visually build dynamic forms, support multi-terminal filling and internationalization capabilities, and provide form filling data management, etc.;

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