The Metaverse: The Next Generation of the Internet

The Next Generation of the Internet

The Next Generation of the Internet.Tan Ping, head of XR LAB at Bodhidharma Institute, shared with us the development of Metaverse technology and Alibaba's expectations for Metaverse through this article.
The reason why the metaverse is called "metaverse" reflects everyone's good expectations for this thing to a certain extent. I hope it will be like a brave new world, full of more innovative applications, and even change our lives and change world.

The Next Generation of the Internet.However, in terms of current technology, this expectation is a bit high. Today, the content reports about the metaverse in major media are still close to science fiction. From a techie perspective, we prefer to call it XR, or Augmented Virtual Reality.

The Next Generation of the Internet.AR/VR has a history of decades. Recently, a letter written by Mr. Qian Xuesen was circulated on the Internet. At that time, he suggested to translate virtual reality into prism. This is a very Chinese description and very expressive. In fact, virtual reality technology has been studied in academia for many years. It is a very serious technical issue. Many people in different fields are doing it, including HCI, graphics, vision, chips and NLP talents. Joint efforts on this issue jointly promote the development of the industry.

So why is the metaverse suddenly on fire today? I think it is because its ecology has developed to a certain stage. As we all know, VR was popular in 2015 and 2016, so will today's metaverse slowly become a piece of shit like VR a few years ago?

The Next Generation of the Internet.I don't think so, because today's technology is closer to a tipping point. We've made a lot of progress in optics, HCI, or artificial intelligence. Compared with five years ago, the technology has been greatly improved. For example, the dizziness of wearing VR glasses in the past has been greatly improved; next year, a new generation of VR glasses may be launched, which will have better wearing comfort. Great improvement. With the popularity of equipment, the ecology of the entire industry will become more and more obvious. For example, Facebook not only changed the company name, but also invested more than 10,000 employees in the direction of the Metaverse. With the continuous iteration of technology, the metaverse is about to explode, and the resources of the entire industry have begun to tilt and concentrate in this direction.

The Next Generation of the Internet.Ali will pay special attention to its relationship with the real world when making the Metaverse. We hope to use today's virtual world technology to combine with the real world to complete the linkage with the real world, so as to make the real world a better place.

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